TRUE HERO: Man Jumps on Suicide Bomber, Dies But Saves Many Lives

A couple of days before the terrorism attack in Paris, two suicide bombers attacked a busy shopping street in Beirut, Lebanon, which took away at least 43 lives.

In the middle of this siege, an inspiring story of a man who tackled a suicide bomber that apparently saved many lives emerged.

He is Adel Termos, a Beirut local, who made a split-second decision of jumping on the second suicide bomber.

Adel Termos Beirut jumps suicide bomber (1) Adel Termos Beirut jumps suicide bomber

According to reports, Termos died with suicide bomber as the bomb detonated. Sadly, his daughter was also killed in the bombing, reports say.

What is happening to the world?

Innocent lives are taken for religious ideologies, what do you think of that?

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