Tricia Gosingtian’s Book “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl” is Your One-Stop Guide to Fashion and Style



Tricia Gosingtian’s Book “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl” is Your One-Stop Guide to Fashion and Style



Larger than life: Tricia with a blow-up of her book cover.


When in Manila, Tricia Gosingtian is definitely one of the most followed bloggers as of late. The lifestyle blogger has come a long way from her humble tumblr beginnings as her colorful little space online has taken her around the world, put her on television and print, and has gained her an overwhelmingly vast following both locally and internationally. 



Questions from the media about Tricia Gosingtian’s book are answered.



 Copies of Tricia Gosingtian’s book are signed at the launch.


With a blog that has gotten over 9 million hits, endorsements and sponsorships left and right, and followers as far-reaching as geographically possible, Tricia Gosingtian is more than poised for her most ambitious project yet. Tricia Gosingtian‘s book features her ever-famous “sophisticute” aesthetic. We were recently invited to a special launch and book signing for the release of Tricia Gosingtian’s book, and I got to talk to her about what it is all about.



Tricia gamely poses with fans.



CanMake booth! Too cute!



Posing with Saab Magalona, another fan!



Sweet treats at the event. Yuuuum Sonja’s.


Tricia Gosingtian’s book, “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl,” serves as a reference for girls who are trying their hand in fashion for the first time, as inspired by a need for sartorial guidance she herself encountered back when she was younger and began experimenting with her personal style. The book features a wide range of classic closet staples and accessories, as well as a number of trendy pieces all styled by Tricia Gosingtian herself. Also included are fun tips on how to wear and accessorize them.



Tricia Gosingtian’s book “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl”


I’ve gone through the book myself and I absolutely love it! Filled with fresh ideas on outfits and styling, Tricia Gosingtian’s style book makes a great guide for girls who are totally stomped figuring out what to wear, or are on the hunt on finding the next addition to their wardrobe. If you like what you see on Tricia’s blog, then you’ll definitely love what she has in store here!



I highly admire how Tricia has gracefully transitioned from being a blogger and working on a dominantly digital medium, to being a full-pledged author (who has actually broken the total sales record made by a local author on the launch date!) I’ve been following her since her college photo blogging days in 2007 and it is so fascinating to see how far she has come. Tricia really has gone places.



 Had my copy signed! Yay!


For all you girls who have been looking for an easy guide on fashion and styling, check out Tricia Gosingtian’s book “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl.” A must-have for the stylish ones when in Manila!



Tricia Gosingtian’s Book “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl” is Your One-Stop Guide to Fashion and Style