TRAVEL: I saved so much money on internet data in three countries, here’s HOW!

My job as a desk editor requires me to do intensive research, story hunting and a lot of communicating with clients online. With that, I need to have internet access 24/7. Other than being on my phone or laptop connected to the net most of the time, I also travel a lot. Luckily, I can do work on-the-go but I need to stay connected as much as possible.

For the past 3 months, I have traveled to Taiwan, the United States and in South Africa. I needed to work remotely, particularly on my phone, since I was out and about most of the time being a tourist and exploring cities. Thankfully, I got some work done and efficiently with Travel Sim PH. Even without a public WiFi router, I got access to the world using the hotspot of a spare phone of mine.

TRAVEL SIM PH offers sim cards all around the world. It has worked wonders in being connected while I was in North America, Asia, and South Africa. Their sim card prices may vary depending on the continent/country and the duration of your stay in that place. And, it’s a Triple Cut – meaning, it could fit any (sim) card size for a smart device – the standard SIM (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Note, an S II, a Tab 2), Micro SIM (most Samsung models) and the Nano SIM (most iPhone models).

Here are 5 reasons why I loved Travel Sim PH:

It’s SO EASY to use – simply plug and play!


Photo: @ysvitangcol/Instagram

No registration or installation needed. No need to purchase load. When you receive the package from Travel Sim PH, it’s all set. Just ‘cut’ the required sim card size, place it on your device, and you’re on. What impressed me with Travel Sim PH is that even if I was still in the Philippines, the 4G automatically updated! When I flew to South Africa, we had a short layover in Singapore and I was surprised the internet worked there, too. It’s very convenient.

You must also take note that Travel SIM PH does not cater to telecom calls or texts; just anything on the internet – Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, etc. I had no worry about it since most of my relatives, travel companions and pretty much my clients at work were all online!

It’s got unlimited data, and the speed remains the same!

When I got the chance to visit Taroko National Park up in the mountains, I was impressed that the signal was still strong considering that we were in a pretty remote area.  The internet was a tad bit slower, but it was a lot faster than my relatives who availed the roaming plan of local telecoms. Not only was I able to save a lot of money on data, but also battery from waiting for content to load online.

I stayed in Taiwan for 5 days. Sakto!



It’s made for hot spots – perfect for group travels!

Okay, everyone wants to stay connected and get Wi-Fi access. Admit, you find ways to look for ‘free Wi-Fi’ routers at public places or when you dine in at a restaurant, wanting to check in – you ask for access using their installed password! Travel Sim PH’s sim cards are designed for hotspots that are perfect if you’re not traveling alone. The speed also remains the same even if a lot are connected to one router.

It’s also safe – considering that some public WiFis ask for your personal information. Travel Sim PH does not ask for any information of a sort. Just connect and go.


It’s ~surprisingly~ faster than the visiting country’s local telecom (hotspot)

There was one time that I forgot my ‘hotspot’ phone at home in the United States, so I had to connect to my cousin’s phone who had unlimited data to answer a client. Its speed wasn’t as fast as Travel SIM PH’s. I told him to try connecting to me once I got a holy of my ‘hotspot phone’ and we were surprised that the signal and 4G ran faster in that phone than his! This really impressed me knowing that my cousin had a high-speed plan and mine was just a travel sim card.



I stayed in the US for 21 days. But on my end, the hotspot sharing worked 🙂

Signal got through IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SAFARI while we were on a game drive!

I accepted the fact that being in the jungle pretty much required me to stay disconnected from the world for a bit (perhaps it was a sign for me to enjoy the safari game of seeing the animals in South Africa). Nonetheless, I left my data open.

I was surprised to hear a series of ‘pings’ from my hotspot phone one morning during a game drive and we were literally in the middle of nowhere! I was once again impressed with the signal reception of the area and how strong Travel Sim PH is. This photo set was uploaded just as the sun sank, and I was also able to upload a lot of my South Africa Instagram stories, too!



I stayed in South Africa for 10 days.




I. absolutely. LOVED IT. I cannot stress how much I saved on my internet bill via roaming plan! I also love how fast delivery is (I didn’t get charged for delivery fees, too). Michelle is also easy to talk to. I got my sim card within 1-2 days (it could also depend on your delivery area). Overall, I love how everything is accessible and efficient and I’d GREATLY recommend it.

If you’re interested in other plans, you can simply visit their Facebook and Instagram pages!

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