Travel Around Intramuros Using This Augmented Reality Game

Igpaw Intramuros (2)

You can now travel around Intramuros, Manila’s ancient capital, in alternate/augmented reality using this game developed by the Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences.

“Igpaw: Intramuros” shows the past and present of the walled city where myth and reality collide. It also teaches a bit about Philippine history as you wander around it.

However, you need to be inside Intramuros in order to play the game. It lets you scan historical markers in the area as part of the game.

Igpaw Intramuros (1) Igpaw Intramuros (3)

If you want a fun way to learn while traveling inside Intramuros, you might want to check this game out.

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