Transformer Prime: A Quick Taste Of Ice Cream Sandwich, Philippine Price Unveiled & Hands-On Demo


When In Manila takes a first look at the very fresh not yet released in Philippines, ASUS Transformer Prime. Seems like it was just yesterday that we did a review of the ASUS Transformer, now we get a hold of a completely redesigned Transformer… leaving little to zero traces of its predecessor’s looks.




Like I said earlier, the Transformer Prime is a total revamp of the earlier version, sporting a more metallic look a la Zenbook design. Also you would notice that the Prime is a whole lot thinner than the original Transformer, side by side with an iPad2 it is actually about a hair thinner than the later. The laptop dock also went on a diet showing off a 10.4mm thickness, but with great thinness comes great sacrifice… because of the less surface area, we are left with one less USB port to accommodate that external hard drive.




The Prime also gains a huge boost in hardware, now sporting a Tegra 3 quad core chip that shows exceptional processing power especially with 3D games. The previously 5mp camera now becomes an 8mp camera with an F2.4 aperture. Default storage also doubled, now having a minimum of 32gb and a maximum 64gb. Everything else stays the same with the original Transformer.




If that wasn’t enough then hold on to your horses because the Prime just got its most significant upgrade yesterday, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Google’s latest yummy treat shows off a lot of improvements on performance and functionality since Honeycomb. Transitions were faster, touch controls were better, managing open tasks is more intuitive plus a speedier web browser are just some of the few upgrades that you could expect from Ice Cream Sandwich. On the aesthetic side of the OS, Google introduces the Roboto font which is the main font of ICS. Transitions and other animations were updated making the device feel a lot more snappier.





While my time the Ice Cream Sandwiched infused Transformer Prime was short and sweet, it didn’t take me long before I realize that I got a super awesome device in my hand. The feel, the power, the eye-catching details and design… the Transformer Prime certainly is a premium device in all aspects. Surely it is tempting to buy one now but sadly, it is not yet available on the Philippine market… For sure it will be coming pretty soon, so you better save up now especially since we got a hint that the Prime would be selling here at around 32,000Php. So When In Manila be sure that you are ready when the Transformer Prime hits the Philippine stores.


Transformer Prime Hands On A Quick Taste Of Ice Cream Sandwich

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