Trampoline Park: Philippines’ First Flying Adventure is Coming Soon

Have you heard of trampoline parks before? Well, the very first one in the Philippines is coming soon! 😀

In case you haven’t heard of them yet, trampoline parks are basically huge warehouses filled with dozens of trampoline “mats” that stretch from wall-to-wall and are connected to form one huge surface. They are enclosed with padded side walls and angled trampolines, allowing you to jump, fly and literally bounce in every direction.

trampoline park philippines

These ultra-fun parks first originated in the U.S, a decade ago and offer an amazing adventure of trampolining fun, including an open jumping court, basketball lanes for slam-dunking, dodgeball and volleyball courts for exciting gravity-defying sports, and even a super-fun foam pit where you can launch yourself from a trampoline into a giant pit of foam blocks.

The first Trampoline Park in Manila will be located in ‘The Portal’ at Greenfield district, Mandaluyong (off EDSA near Shaw Blvd). In addition to a soaring good time, the Park will also offer unique fitness classes during weekdays, toddler jumping hours in the mornings and exciting zero gravity jumping parties, Friday and Saturday nights — all performed entirely on trampolines.

trampoline park philippines

“It’s amazing fun, truly enjoyable and healthy…it will make you want to do it… again and again”, says Mark Hogsden, a British businessman living in the Philippines and the primary co-founder of the first Trampoline Park soon to rock Manila. “Trampoline Parks have become extremely popular in the U.K, in America and all over Europe—mainly because they offer incredible fun for everyone -– adults, families and children – whatever the weather!”, adds the brit. “Trampoline Parks are popping up all over the world in recent years, and lately even in asian cities like Hong-Kong and Singapore. It’s about time we finally have them here in Manila!”.

Will this become Manila’s newest top spot for high-flying fun? “We’ve heard so much about the amazing trampoline parks in Hong-Kong and Singapore, all the games they have there and how much fun it is—so we’re super excited to finally build one here in Manila!”, says Cheska Calderon, a Filipina civil engineer from The Living Letters Construction, who together with her father, Pastor Alfred Calderon, will be leading the construction of the 700sqm Trampoline Park in Greenfield.

Inside the facility, they plan to build a small coffee shop and a beautiful high viewing deck — where parents can shoot endless photos of their kids jumping, having the time of their lives. However, trampolines are not just all fun and games. Cardio fitness classes on trampolines and even light trampolining exercise have been proven to entail vital health benefits.

trampoline park philippines

“It’s time to get adults and kiddos away from their mobile screens and burn off some serious energy!”, says Mark. Can trampolining actually get you fit? In one word, yes. “NASA conducted a huge research on Trampolines back in the 80’s, in order to prepare Astronauts for space”, Mark informs us. “Surprisingly, NASA discovered that Trampoline exercise is even more effective and beneficial than Jogging!”, he adds. There have been many other studies and claims that jumping on trampolines can help our body process more efficiently, improve our balance, reduce impact on our joints, cleanse our lymphatic system, lower our blood pressure and even strengthen our muscles and bones.

Trampoline Park is currently offering a limited edition of ‘Founders Membership Cards’, only for the first 500 customers who choose to avail it. The exclusive card will provide customers with a guaranteed 50% off for flying at Trampoline Park anytime on weekdays. So, if you’re looking for a place where your high-flyin’ spirit can jump, bounce, flip and even slam-dunk – Trampoline Park will be the place for you.

Trampoline Park Philippines