Train to Busan Sequel: Cast and Teaser Image Revealed!

The highly anticipated Train to Busan sequel finally has revealed its lead cast members. Titled Bando or literally ‘Peninsula’; the sequel will follow the story of a zombie-infested Korea four years after the events of Train to Busan.

Kang Dong-won will play the main character Jung-suk alongside actress Lee Jung-hyun as Min-jung. Child actress Lee Rae has been cast in the role of Joon-yi and veteran actor Kwon Hae-hyo will play the oldest surviving member of the crew, Kim Noh-in. Newcomers and rookie actors Kim Min-jae and Goo Kyo-hwan wrap up the principal cast.

bando train to busan cast

Image from Bando/Naver

In the film, the small crew must fight off zombies in order to survive. By this time, the entire peninsula (get it?) has been overrun by zombies, leaving humans separated from each other and dwindling in numbers.

Filming for Bando began in June 24. The production has since released the film’s first teaser image.

bando train to busan

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What do you think will happen with Jung Suk and his crew?