The Tragic K-Drama ‘Hymn of Death’ is Coming to Netflix Next Month

Love K-drama? I just recently got bitten by the K-drama bug and have been collecting quite a wide array of shows to watch. So far, everything has been pretty fun, funny, and nakakakilig; but I haven’t watched anything sad yet… until I got news that a tragic love story would soon be on Netflix called ‘Hymn of Death’ (the title itself pretty much says it all).

‘Hymn of Death’ is a 3-part series that tells a story about Korea’s first soprano Yun Sim-deok and her genius playwright boyfriend Kim Woo-jin. Loved by a wide audience, the beautiful yet tragic love story has been recreated in various formats including films, plays, and musicals throughout the years.

Lee Jong-suk of ‘While You Were Sleeping’ will show the life of a writer amidst a falling country as Kim Woo-jin, while Shin Hye-sun of ‘Still 17’ and ‘My Golden Life’ will play the role of the talented soprano Yun Sim-deok. ‘Hymn of Death’ will be directed by Park Soo-jin of ‘The Doctors’ and ‘Dr. Romantic’ and written by Cho Soo-jin.

‘Hymn of Death’ will be available on Netflix Philippines on December 14. What’s your favorite K-drama so far?

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