Traffic in Manila will reportedly ease up soon

The traffic in Metro Manila is getting worse as the day goes by. With or without rain, the roads look like parking spots, especially during rush hour.

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However, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said yesterday, Tuesday, that the horrible traffic in the Metro will ease up in the next 100 days, CNN reports. As quoted in the article, Abella mentioned that improvements will be felt “within the next hundred days.”

The reason behind this comment was because of the “menu” of solutions to improve the traffic presented by Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade during Monday’s cabinet meeting.

Although, the said solutions were not disclosed Abella mentioned alternative transport tickets outside the stations is a great idea as well. Moreover, he also proposed to build a more comfortable waiting rooms/areas for passengers.

Meantime, Tugade concluded that strict implementation of traffic rules is the easiest way to diminish the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila.

Duterte’s Traffic Solution

Duterte was vocal about his platforms during the campaign. One of which was to provide realistic solutions to improve traffic infrastructure in Metro Manila.

He noticed that alternative transportation is the motorists’ greatest conundrum. Therefore, he plans to buy 30 to 50 more train carriages, Rappler reports.

Obviously, “things” have been happening, so hopefully, the proposed traffic solution will be disclosed and implemented soon.

What are your thoughts about this? If you were to give a solution to ease the traffic, what would it be? Join the discussion here.