Sentro 1771: Traditional Filipino food, Modernized! Try the Sinigang Corned Beef and Lamb Caldereta


When In Manila and want to try diverse traditional Filipino food like Sinigang na Corned beef or Cheesecake with queso de bola & red egg. Invite your friends and family to Sentro 1771 located in the posh scene of Manila, Serendra and Greenbelt 3


So when was the last time you had a balik-bayan friend and ever asked yourself: “Where should I take my friend out to experience the culture and offcourse the food that the Philippines has to offer?” For years I have taken my balikbayan friends to the streets of Dapitan or Quiapo but have never dined them somewhere totally Filipino but still managed to have a slight atmosphere of oppulence.


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For alot of time now, my older brother has been raving about this restaurant to our family. He often dines here just to have a feel good week. He really wanted us to try it due to the big concern of his that we are “missing out” on really good food. So we did! I brought the family with me to Sentro for an afternoon lunch in the lovely place of Serendra.


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The staff were so welcoming and very subtle, if I may add. I was never fond of waiters or managers who always come up to your table and ask a bunch of questions while you’re enjoying your meal. The place reminded me of Vigan-slash-Quiapo. It was so cozy inside. The best part was the wall art. They were so beautiful. When you get to your seat they have butong-pakwan to munch on while you wait for your orders.  Which are served by courses. They will ask you when you want your course to be served.



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Deep Fried Kesong Puti
(180.00 – 320.00)
with a side of garlic and tamarind dip.
The patriotic Filipino that I am have never tried Kesong Puti in the 18 years of residence in the Philippines. My dad had always told me stories on how it was such a staple for their kitchen when they were younger due to my lolo’s love for everything indulgent. This was so good, definitely my favorite appetizer. It was very soft & chewy. Almost rezembeled the texture of mozarella but very light in taste. The garlic sauce was such a good combination. The tamarind sauce actually looked like jam. It tasted sweet in a way. & how original was that?



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Sinigang na Corned Beef

(Solo: Php 310.00 Sharing: Php 595.00)
Short ribs and boneless shanks mixed with vegetables in a sour tamarind broth
Sinigang na WHAT? This dish would surprise alot of people. Mainly cause they will imagine the strange combination of sour broth and corned beef.  Before it’s served to you, the chef will let you have a sip of the broth first to let him know what kind of mix you’d prefer. I like going with really sour and a bit spicy. Also, I suggest you accompany this with plain rice so you can appreciate it in it’s best form. YUM!!!!


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Rated GG
(230.00 – 445.00)

Galunggong fillets deliciously fried in garlic oil and invitingly arranged and topped with a generous line of browned garlic.
I love galunggong to begin with! This was so good. Not fishy at all. Super crunchy. Very good for the body & soul (Lenten season guys!)



Crispy Pork Ribs
(Php 440.00 – 630.00)

Deep fried baby back rib fingers. It has light mayo on top and tamarind sauce on the side. Don’t forget to spritz the calamansi on it and dip it in Tamarind sauce. Sweet & sour goodness! These would be perfect with a side of beer.



A 12BONELESS Crispy Trotter aka Crispy Pata
(Php 550.00)

Tender & crunchy pork with a side of mixed green mango salsa and vinegar. Have you ever experience Crispy Pata in this manner? The meat was so good dipped with the premium vinegar. Definitely a must try!



A 5Lamb Caldereta
(480.00 – 880.00)
beautiful Aussie boneless lamb shoulders in our home staple–caldereta
You can have this either spicy or not. They will ask you. If you say spicy, this will be very! Try to go for a mild kick on your Lamb Caldereta if you don’t find pinatubo-explosion in your mouth inviting. Besides the yummy sauce, the meat is so tender! 2nd fave!


Dont forget the Rice!

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Bagoong Rice
(Php 320.00 – 610.00)

Bagoong fried rice with spanish chorizo, egg, garlic, tapa and green mango shreds. Definitely not your typical rice! This is good for 3-4 people and is a meal itself. Really good combinations. The chorizo was superb! Smokey, sweet, rich.





Fried Suman Php 180.00:
Rolled out light crisp suman topped with ripe mangoes
Coffee Sans Rival: layers of crisp sans rival in a pool of rich cream


A 3Sentro Cheesecake (Php 220.00)
You must try this! My absolute favorite part of my visit in Sentro. No crust lush cheesecake served with a side of quezo de bola and red egg! So creative. I know it’s weird at first but then you remember how you eat bibingka. The cheesecake itself is so sweet and rich. It looks like a leche flan at first. You eat it with all the elements combined and your mouth will thank you exponentially!


When In Manila run down Sentro for an amazing Filipino treat! Don’t miss out on their Sinigang na Corned Beef or Lamb Caldereta for your main course and their signature Cheesecake for dessert! Definetely a superb experience.


sentro 1771

Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel 8560581   Mob: 09178147794

Level 2 Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel 7573940   Mob: 09178660449


Sentro 1771: Traditional Filipino food, Modernized! Try the Sinigang Corned Beef and Lamb Caldereta