Toyo Fest 2015: The Comeback

I first heard about this thing called Toyo Fest Philippines two years ago when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it seemed the term suddenly started to appear on my social news feeds. Word was also going around of how the event was going to be one of the biggest automotive events in revent history. I tagged along a fellow car guy friend and went off to see it for myself.

To be honest, it was the most amazing and complete collection of cars from every era I’ve ever seen. Sadly, it was the last I’d hear from Toyo Fest for a while — until now.




When initial plans were being made for the Philippine Arena Motoring Festival, Toyo Fest Philippines was presented with an opportunity too perfect to resist. The offer was simple: Have a massive empty parking lot all to itself on a gorgeous summer day with the chance to do whatever it pleased. Immediately, ideas starting to come off the rack. Different activities, prizes, and surprise celebrity guests finally had a fitting platform.

After spending last year in almost complete hibernation, Toyo Fest Philippines was ready to make its comeback.




After what was literally a couple of weeks of planning, a handful of sleepless nights, and hours of phone calls and meetings with potential sponsors, here it was: Toyo Fest 2015 in all its 41 degrees celcius, hot, burning glory.




The turnout was fantastic. You could see rows upon rows of almost every Toyota car model from dozens of car clubs that came out to support and participate.


From the family-sized Innovas to the trusty small bodies…




To Avanzas and Wigos.



The sheer amount of space that was available felt a little too much at times, since something as simple as walking to buy a bottle of water could easily translate to a good 50 meter workout depending on where you were on the field.

This was, however, good news to the car clubs who took all the time and space to settle in comfortably.




The stage was set up smack in the middle of an area large enough to easily hold an outdoor concert from any of music’s top 30 artists today. With the stage and sponsor’s area as the midpoint of this shrunken desert, I headed toward the other side of the field.



A side which dozens of bBs made immediately clear was their spot.