Toyo Fest 2015: The Comeback


Heading back, I spotted this fun Tamaraw FX with its two-tone paint job complete with stripes on the side. Green steelies and purple lugnuts? Why not. 



The bB’s solid box shape also adds to the uniqueness of it. It’s when you put a couple of these cars together that things really start to get wild.


Caltex Havoline decided that Toyo Fest 2015 would be a fitting final leg for their Drive to Protection campaign.


Altis club’s partnership with Caltex Havoline was also instrumental in making this event possible.


Toward the evening, the last batch of shirts and stickers were given away. For the amount it took to enter the event and the amount of stuff everyone drove home with, it’s hard to see how this wasn’t a bargain deal for the participants.



As the sun was about to set over NLEX’s horizon, the toys started to come out. One of the coolest among them all was this radio-controlled plane that beared the Toyo Fest words that lit up underneath its wings.



What’s even cooler was that everything always seemed to be moving. New cars were constantly coming in as others headed for the exits.



With the depth of character from every car that came out, and the volume of people who showed up, Toyo Fest 2015 really was an overwhelming event.

I say overwhelming because you’ll be surprised to know that all this — everything you’ve read to this point — was organized by one man. Yes, you heard it right. No logistics team or proper organizers. Just one guy’s vision and dream that he turned into reality with his own sweat and tears — with the occasional help from a few of his closest friends.


To end, allow me to try and sum up what I think Toyo Fest Philippines is all about with this photo. You see, at the end of the day, it’s not about the type of car you drive or club you’re in that defines you place in the “car world”. However, that’s how it seems to have been recently. I think Toyo Fest Philippines’ advocacy has always been a simple one: bring the car guys from every walk of club together and enjoy the cars we love and share the passion with one another. It’s a simple formula capable of producing amazing results.

So, for the next couple of months, expect another event or two from Toyo Fest Philippines as things get more exciting and the organization begins to gain some real tration. It’s surely going to be an exciting year for TFP as it looks like it’s finally here to stay.

Toyo Fest Philippines


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