Toyo Fest 2015: The Comeback

Behind the row of bBs, I found some of our most beloved workhorses. I bet anyone who’s ever grown up in the Philippines has had at least more than one encounter with the Tamaraw FX. I think it’s only fair to call these things an icon in their own right.


Nearby, the Hilux club sat in a mean single-row fashion. I’m not sure what it took to be part of a group like this, but I’m starting to get the feeling that lift kits, snorkels, and steel bumpers are some of this club’s requirements. Kidding aside, these trucks looked ready for anything Mother Nature had in her bag of tricks.


By lunch time, most of the cars had already settled in. But there were still some trying to find their place.



A nice, slow crawl was needed to traverse the lot without brewing up a dust storm.


Still on the same side, the Fortuner club was represented by what looked like a hundred cars that easily took up the far end of the field.


I don’t know the exact numbers, but to give you an idea, there were about two more rows of cars behind this photo, and about an equal amount on the other side. Clone troopers, anyone?


The program finally got under way after lunch — yes, we’ve only just officialy begun.


Hosted by the fun-loving, super cool and pretty Jaz Reyes, along with the ladies man Sam YG, lots of prizes from sponsors were to be given away through games.


Of course, not without Sam providing comic relief and having a little fun with the winners.


A few models were also invited on stage for a short Q&A segment. Guys quickly picked up essential tips from the ladies themselves along with the most common traits girls look for in a guy. An instant free lesson on love and relationships if you will.


Last to come up the stage were brothers Stefano and Milo Rivera. Stefano is most recently known for winning a leg in the Vios Cup, while his older brother Milo for his success in slalom events. Milo is also currently making a run for a spot in Formula 1 as we speak. The future of Philippine Motorsport looks bright with the amount of talent and passion these two young guns have. They were awarded certificates of appreciation for being ambassadors of Toyo Fest Philippines. They are also set to do an event in partnership with TFP soon about driver safety on and off the track.


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