Top Tips For A Successful To-Do List

When In Manila, resolution making time is fast approaching.  Goals are need to move our life forward, be it a big scary one or little quick ones.  Sometimes you may also have so much on our mind that it overwhelms you like crazy.  A To-Do list makes your goals bite-sized and puts a little more sanity into your life.

Here are the top tips to making a To-Do list that rocks.


10.  Write it the night before.  So that when you wake up, you don’t need to stress yourself out when you are at your freshest on what needs to be done.

9.  Keep it simple.  Some experts say to keep it to no more than three.  If there is something that could move your life or business forward, what would that be?

8.  Do the hardest thing first.  This can also be the biggest thing first.  Usually when you start the day that’s when you have the most energy, so its better to use up that energy for this.  

7.  Assign Time Estimates.  Sometimes doing a task would just take a few minutes, others a few hours.  This is for you to make realistic estimate on how it can fit into your day.

6.  Organize around your calendar. Some make the mistake of organizing their day around the to-do list when its more efficient and less frustrating to work it or fit into their calendars.

5.  Qualify contents.  Of all the things that are on your mind, some can be delegated and some must be really done be you.  Don’t get into the quantity trap that the more you have listed the more productive you are.

4.  Mind Dump.  If there are just too many things on your mind and its stressing you out because its just there nagging at the back of your head, just write all that you need to do on a piece of paper, then get back to it later on.  Constantly thinking of these things can take up brain bandwidth.

3.  Make a To-Done List.  This will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you see that you are moving towards your goals.  It can work wonders in motivating you more.

2.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  There’s always the next day if you didn’t make something happen.  Maybe you just got distracted with facebook … again. Now you know not what not to do. Put in more self control to make you realize your goals. But if you do keep bumping into an important task day in day out, it means something is wrong.

1.  Find a method that works for you. – doodles, apps, etc.  But there is one thing they say that is true ….Our brains aren’t made to remember things forever, but paper is.  That’s why even in this app-age, people still read paperback book and write on paper to to-do lists like Tokyo Finds.


It’s an out of the box to do list calendar for any artist, designer, dedicated list-maker or anyone who just wants to make their goals real.


 Each page is 11 x 4.25 inches, the ideal size to scribble to your heart’s content or to simply write your daily to-do lists.


The idea behind the TOKYO FINDS brand is hinged from the company’s core belief that EVERYONE IS A CREATIVE ARTIST.
Propelled by this belief is their mission to inspire creativity in each individual’s day to day life.


Tokyo Finds Out of The Box To Do List Calendar is available in Fully Booked Bookstores. SRP : Php 649.00

When In Manila, you now have a gift for your disorganized co-worker and a tool for a saner you in 2015.


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