Top 10 Reasons to Watch The Addams Family Musical at the Resorts World Sentosa Singapore (09-28th July 2013)


The Addams Family can be considered not just a fun musical, but having to meet a macabre and eccentric  clan within the span of two hours knowing that they actually have a heart. Charles Addams, the cartoonist creator of The Addams Family started drawing life to these characters during the year of 1938. So 75 years have passed and a few people might ask, what can we expect this time around? Although I used to watch the original TV series (1960’s), I think the toughest part that a performer in the musical could deal with is how to make his/her own original approach. The cartoon characters are daunting you see, so many people think that the musical is just like them or even the movies, but seriously it’s totally different. Yes, you will ‘want’ to laugh. The fun literally bubbles to the surface of the stage.  In here I thought of sharing with you all the Top 10 reasons on why one should watch The Addams Family Musical (or at least once in your lifetime and  if you have the chance to). I have also interviewed a few members of the cast so I do hope it would be of help weaving the reasons below:






1. You’re a father / mother and you have a daughter falling in love. For the first time.




The Addams Family story revolves on Wednesday Addams falling for a normal boy. She then comes to her father (GOMEZ) and tells him that the family of her significant other (Lucas Beineke) is coming over for dinner. As Gomez seemed to be fine with it (or at least tries to), he was taken aback when Wednesday pleaded and asks him not to tell her mother (Morticia) that she is getting married. Gomez, torn between his wife and daughter succumbed to the deal. Another tough favor his daughter asked for? That the Addams Family tries to act “normal”. There goes the trouble. Wednesday is in love, like an avalanche she has to seize anything…everything for the sake of love. I have noticed on how Gomez struggled as a loving father and a loyal husband. I’m pretty sure a lot of parents can relate to him; especially in those scenes wherein he always try to balance his love for the two most important women in his life. He wanted Wednesday and Morticia to be happy but everything he does seems like someone gets hurt in the end. See how Gomez, as the patriarch of the Addams family takes on this course; men would surely love his biting-humour lines. I was hoping that Morticia would speak more French in the play because when she does, Gomez is on cloud 9 and he just goes wild haha! His comedic face and timing were also constant throughout the show. Him delivering that moustached handsome voice is a total charmer.


Favourite line: When he saw Wednesday wearing a bright yellow dress to impress the man of her dreams and future-in-laws (as you know, bright colours are forbidden inside the house as the clan breathes black).


Gomez: (Gasps) Ahhh, you look like a crime scene!




2. Wednesday Addams. Gothic girl. In Love. The Powerful Voice of a Girl who has a spider for a pet.



theaddamsfamily-musical-resortsworldsentosa-singapore-review-wheninmanila jennifer fogarty


Jennifer Fogarty, portrays Wednesday; who now believes in cupid and butterflies in the stomach. I heard that she is by far the best Wednesday ever; powerful vocals as well as her portrayal of the frightful yet rebellious daughter is indeed worth the mention and applause. She looks so cool with that crossbow. Experience the satisfaction of her hitting the musical notes (always a  bull’s eye) just like Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. She ‘pulled’ it on PULLED (pun intended). The songs she sings are mostly hummable, something you’d like to listen to your iPod on a normal gleeful day.  Watch out for her facial expressions; as what Mark Minnick (Casting Director) said: “When we were holding the auditions for Wednesday’s character, Jennifer walked in with those lovely big Wednesday eyes.”  From Minnick’s story, he said that once they saw Fogarty they already knew that Wednesday’s slot has been filled up. They have a series of auditions done after that but still no one has beaten Fogarty. Voice and overall look, she really is fit for a Wednesday. Forgarty brings in that indefatigable chipper character to Wednesday mostly in this play, well that is what fighting for love makes her now. 


Favourite (singing) line:  “I don’t have a sunny disposition / I’m not known for being too amused / My demeanour’s locked in one position / See my face? / I’m unenthused.”






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