Top 10 Dance Crazes Pinoys Loved Through The Years

Pinoys love anything that’s uso, and this includes the hottest dance moves everyone wants to bust out on the floor! You know a dance craze has gone viral mode when it’s being danced at every fiesta or birthday party you go to! As it is coming up with these lists, there are so many awesome dance crazes we loved, but we tried to wrap it up in a top 10 list. From catchy novelty songs to K-pop moves, we give you the top 10 dance crazes that Pinoys loved shaking their hips to through the years!

Top 10 Dance Crazes Pinoys Loved Through The Years

10. Wiggle, Wiggle

You see this being danced everywhere, from the streets to Vice Ganda’s Sunday show “Gandang Gabi Vice” where he makes the hottest of his guests dance these super sexy moves! The dance steps? Just do your sexiest butt wiggle.

9. Gangnam Style

Korean invasion has been around for quite some time, but it was with PSY that they made their force truly felt! You don’t understand any of the lyrics except for “Oppa Gangnam Style!” being sung over and over again, but you danced along to it anyway. How to unlock this dance move? Basically hop twice on one foot, then on the other, with arms crossed as if you were riding a horse, then raise one arm to do a lasso action, just like a cowboy! YEE-HAW! I seriously have no idea what dancing like a cowboy has anything to do with a title called “Oppa Gangnam Style”… but it’s loads of fun to do anyway.

8. Teach Me How To Dougie

“Can you teach me how to dougie?” I remember asking a friend of mine because no matter what I did…I could NOT dougie, at all. Or at least look half as cool as the people doing it!

This totally swag dance move includes some shoulder movement, moving them from side to side and leaning back while doing so. All the cool kids knew how to dougie, including Ateneo star player and dougie king, Kiefer Ravena!!

7. Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake was a viral meme, and Pinoys loved it!! Normally, it consists of a video with just one dancer going wild in a seemingly normal environment– and when the beat drops, it turns into this wild dance party with a gazillion other people suddenly in the shot and just cranking it up! There are no rules for this dance craze, but people mostly rocked their hips back and forth, similar to twerking. Bet you can’t do a better Harlem Shake than these kids:

6. Soulja Boy

Ah, the Superman dance!! Who didn’t crank up dat Soulja Boy during its heyday? The Dougie’s older brother, cranking dat Soulja Boy had a very specific set of dance moves that people followed like a religion– cross your arms then snap at the sides while leaning on one side, then repeat on the other side. Cross one foot in front, then to the side, then lift it up behind, tapping it with the opposite hand, then pretend you’re flying, while cranking your arms like Superman! Don’t get the instructions? These kids have it down pat!! Watch and learn:

5. Papaya

Edu Manzano made this dance craze so popular during his stint as host of Pilipinas, Game KNB? with foreigners such as former Ambassador Kristie Kenney, and the hosts of Good Morning America getting on this move! This is a totally beginner move, which made it easy for anyone to perform this with perfection. Just  extend your pointer fingers, wiggle them to one side, then the other, raise them up, point downwards, then move back upwards in a curved manner! Repeat to sawa, then you have the Papaya!

4. Otso Otso

Bayani Agbayani’s gift to the world, Otso Otso involved crouching over, with hands on your thighs, and some special back action that requires you to move it back and forth! Whether it could double as a legitimate back exercise is up for debate, but Pinoys all over the country loved doing the Otso Otso! Unlock a pro move and move your arms from behind to the front while doing the otso otso!

3. Spaghetti

 Once upon a time, every little girl wanted to be a Sex Bomb dancer. While it may seem unthinkable now, it was basically the equivalent of being a Pinoy Spice Girl. And this is all thanks to a food-inspired dance craze called “Spaghetti”. Though that image may seem controversial as kids danced this, which basically involved gyrating and bending as low as you can! The MTRCB also apparently criticized the song for its supposed innuendos. But the double entendre obviously flew over everyone’s heads, as the dance did mimic wiggly spaghetti pasta.

2. Asereje

 Another controversial song comes in the form of the Spanish song Asereje, by the group Las Ketchup! I remember those rumors going around when I was a child– that the song had a backmasked message supporting the devil, that the dance steps (which was just waving your hand over another) was some sort of devil worship dance… people were pretty crazy about their conspiracy theories! Many years later, my Spanish professor debunked all this, saying that Asereje meant nothing in Spanish, and that it was a purely gibberish song… not surprising, given that it is called the “Ketchup song” after all! Guess people get suspicious when a song’s a little too catchy.

1. Macarena

Of course, the timeless Macarena is at number one! Ain’t no party like a Macarena party, which basically has super-easy dance moves that involves putting your hands and crossing them on different parts of your body, then jumping while yelling “Hey, Macarena!” at the end of the chorus. True 90’s kids know this craze after endlessly dancing them at birthday parties, and it’s no surprise that there are still people dancing to this! It’s just pure fun, after all. Everybody now, “Hey, Macarena!”

What was your favorite dance craze on this list?? Any more we weren’t able to include here? Share with us in the comments!