Top 10 Bong Revilla WTF Moments #BONGPANES

 Top 10 Bong Revilla WTF Moments #BONGPANES




As you all may know, news sites have reported that Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. surrendered to the Sandiganbayan before noon today, after the anti-graft court signed a warrant for his arrest in connection with the P10-billion pork barrel fund scam.

And so, as various news reports bombard our news feeds, we invite you to a stroll down on memory lane to reminisce some of the WTF moments in Sen. Bong Revilla’s rather colorful career …


 WTF Bong Revilla Moment #1o : That moment when the public saw this photo of him and his “friends” taken a long time ago…

Bong Revilla Janet Lim Napoles

and another one taken in a rather hhhmmmm… not so long time ago



WTF Bong Revilla Moment #9 : Oh of course, before entering into politics, Sen. Bong Revilla was known for countless action, comedy and even fantasy films! Who could ever forget him as the Pinoy Superhero “Captain Barbell?” … but WTF is up with that costume?! 

bong revilla captain pork barrel gma

  and the legendary  “Panday!




WTF Bong Revilla Moment #8 : The alleged “Audio Scandal” of Sen. Bong Revilla  uploaded by Allan Gadon which is currently circulating all over the web where he states, “Atin ang Pulis…” (we own the police)  and other very questionable remarks from a government politician. 




WTF Bong Revilla Moment #7 : That moment when he delivered some sort of a farewell speech at the Senate where he thanked God, his family and colleagues.

“Lead this country not with hatred but with love. Lead this country towards unity and not partisanship. Push our nation’s interest and not political agenda”  – Sen Bong Revilla Jr.




bong revilla memes 

WTF Bong Revilla Moment #6 : When he allegedly insulted Justice Secretary  de Lima (and probably everyone)  in his “Toy Truck” gimmick during his Privilege Speech at the Senate.

bong revilla toy truck

 WTF Bong Revilla Moment #5 : When he delivered a rather emotional address t0 his supporters ahead of the release of a warrant of arrest against him. …. 


“Mr. President, handa po akong magpakulong. Kahit saan ‘nyo pa ako ikulong, hindi po ako natatakot.” Sen. Bong Revilla Jr

Screengrab from Rappler video

WTF Bong Revilla Moment #4 : When he faced the public wearing this religious t-shirt

Bong revilla



GOD immediately tweeted about this issue after seeing Senator Bong’s shirt… 

god tweets

hmmmmm #seemslegit lols


WTF Bong Revilla Moment #3 : When he played his original music video “Salamat Kaibigan” during his Senate Privilege Speech


Salamat mga kaibigan, kailanman ‘di malilimutan. Kung ito man ang kapalaran, nananalig pa rin sa katotohanan,” –  Sen. Bong Revilla Jr.

Click here to know the lyrics

WTF Bong Revilla Moment #2 : His response after he received overwhelmingly negative feedback from citizens about his “Salamat Kaibigan” music video which he played before the end of his Privilege Speech; where he pretty much says that if you didn’t like it, then it wasn’t for you. 

“To those who were not happy about my privilege speech, my apologies, but that song was dedicated to the 20 million people who supported me and who are continuously loving me.” 

bong revilla singing


WTF Bong Revilla Moment #1 : That moment you realize that according to the NBI, Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. allegedly earned more than P224.5 million in kickbacks from businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles in the pork barrel scam. Money that was supposed to go to typhoon victims, farmers, Filipinos in need and back to our nation. 


bong revilla belat




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Top 10 Bong Revilla WTF Moments #BONGPANES

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