Panday Needs Air Cooler in Jail: Bong Revilla Prison Cell Requests #BongPanes

Panday Needs Air Cooler in Jail: Bong Revilla Prison Cell Requests #BongPanes 

It’s been one crazy Bong Revilla moment after another! 

After the controversial voluntary submission of Sen. Bong Revilla Jr to the Sandiganbayan, quite a few news reports came about regarding the senator’s prison requests which supposedly range from personal needs to spoiled celebrity levels.

To give you an update, here’s a list of him and his requests so far:

1. Air Cooler or Vaporizer :

According to news, Sen. Bong Revilla wants to be allowed to have an air cooler or a vaporizer in his detention cell in Camp Crame because according to his wife, Cavite Representative Lani Mercado, heat triggers his migraine. News reports said that Sen. Bong Revilla Jr complained of having a migraine due to the unbearable heat after entering his detention cell last Friday. 

“Ang request lang po sana namin mapalamig ‘yung area kasi nagtiti-trigger ng migraine because of the heat,” Mercado-Revilla said.

 It seems that despite the rainy season, the provided ceiling fan in his detention cell isn’t enough so he’s asking for something more like this it seems:


2. House Arrest :

Various reports say that the senator prefers to be on house arrest instead of being detained at the PNP Detention Center. 



3.  Daily Visit by Family:

News reports also said Bong Revilla’s wife Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado also hopes she and her family may be allowed to visit Sen. Bong Revilla everyday while in detention. Though we absolutely understand family and this kind of request, we just wonder if the pickpocket who stole P100 on a jeep in EDSA would be able to make requests like this, versus celebrity senators who are accused of stealing P1,000,000,000.00+++++

bong revilla house arrest

4. Request for Bail:

The senator also requesting for bail according to news. 

Air Cooler for Panday in Jail Bong Revilla Prison Cell Requests BongPanes

So having been arrested only hours ago and already having all these “requests,” we wanted to give our predictions of further requests that may come from the Panday. 

10 Panday Jail Cell Request Predictions 

10. Wifi

How else will the Panday play candy crush and challenge the high score of his friends who play games during senate sessions? 


ramon-revilla-pork-barrel-scam-privilege-speech phil star

9. Home Theater System

Of course the good senator still needs to watch movie classics such as Captain Barbell, Panday, Agimat and Episodes of Kap’s Amazing Stories


8. KTV 

Of course you need a karaoke system. Especially so he can sing along with his new hit song “Salamat Kaibigan”

Lyrics to “Salamat Kaibigan”  



7.  Massage Chair Lazyboy 

Because the Panday might have back pains too. 





6. Head Massager for migraine

Because the Panday gets migraines when it is hot. 



5. 360 Luxury Shower

Because the Panday has dirt in places you can’t even imagine. 

360 shower


4. More comfy bed

We predict the back pains and complaints about the bed will soon arise. 



3. Personal Chef

We predict a special chef needed for the Panday’s special diet to stay in tip top shape.



2. High Tech Wheelchair same as Professor X’s

Not just any wheelchair, we predict the Panday will want one as cool as Professor X’s and will probably request that. We’re predicting this from the current trend of celebrity politicians needing a wheelchair anytime they are challenged by the legal system. 




1.  KY Jelly

Coz you know….. it’s prison…. just in case

 KY Jelly



Definitely a lot of crazy Bong Revilla WTF moments.

What do you think are other possible requests from the Panday for his current prison stay?

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Panday Needs Air Cooler in Jail: Bong Revilla Prison Cell Requests #BongPanes 

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