Top 10 Best Selling Gadgets in Manila for 2014

Top 10 Best Selling Gadgets in Manila for 2014
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When In Manila, Filipinos are crazy about gadgets! But which ones are the best ones to get??!! Well worry not as we’re here to help you out! We checked with our friends from the to find out what were their best selling techie items for the first half of 2014!!! 

What do you think were the best selling gadgets for this year so far? 

Here are the top 10 bestselling gadgets in Manila for the first half of the year:


top 10 gadgets-ipad mini


10. Ipad Mini 16gb wifi

The classic Ipad mini never seems to be going out of style. This ipad is still in huge demand as its handy nature and functionality are a necessity for people on the go.



9. Tablet PC 7.85 inch Dual core Dual sim 3G call Android Tablet PC /Laptop /Tablet computer

A cheaper alternative for the techies, this high performance PC tablet gets more bang for your buck.

8. Ipad Mini Retina Display

Now iPad mini looks even more brilliant in your hand. The Retina display has over 3.1 million pixels — a million more than an HDTV. That’s a 2048-by-1536 resolution, four times the resolution of the previous-generation iPad mini. In fact, the pixels are so close together, your eyes can’t distinguish them. So photos and videos show incredible detail and text is razor sharp. Because the best pixels are the ones you never see.

top-10-gadgets-ipad air

7. Ipad Air 128 with cellular data

The most powerful Ipad yet. With a thickness of just 7.5mm and weighing in at only 469g, it will seem like the new iPad Air is barely there as you’re using it. The display borders are also thinner than the previous versions of the iPad, so all you will see is your display without any wasted space on the edges.


top 10 gadgets-xperia z2

6. Sony Xperia Z2 

The next-generation model of the Xperia Z1. Itroduced at the Mobile World Congress 2014, this stunningly powerful device is Sony’s new flagship and boasts advanced specs as compared to its popular predecessor. In terms of design, the Z2 offers a sleek 8.2mm thin unibody aluminium construction that’s about 12g lighter than Z1. It showcases a bigger 5.2-inch TRILUMINOS touchscreen with a Full HD screen resolution. The display comes with Sony’s X-Reality picture engine, designed to provide superior color reproduction.

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