Toothbuddies: Dental buddy for all ages

Toothbuddies: Dental buddy for all ages

When In Manila, everyone definitely has to seek a dental clinic and a dentist to be their staple dental doctor, or even staple dental family doctor right? What aspects do we look for in search for a staple dentist? Of course skill is definitely one on top and there’s this something special not just kids look for in a dentist, yes, the comfort and relaxation of having your teeth done of course! Would you rather pick a dentist and a dental clinic that gives a very “clinical” feel? Your kids will surely be spooked! Even some adults have the dental spook. Here at Toothbuddies however, obviously by the name, you can be sure that you’ll feel comfy all the time! Tootbuddies is located at Unit 217 The Garden Heights Condominium, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. It is right across Trinity University Of Asia, inside the Garden Heights Condominium building.


Just as the name suggest, everyone in Toothbuddies will be your buddy! Everyone is bubbly and very welcoming. It didn’t even feel as if I entered a dental clinic when I came in! All smiles here!


Along with this very welcoming aura is the effort to make the Toothbuddies clinic very kid-friendly. The decors and displays are completed with child attracting designs that will ease up any child’s tension with the dentist. Even the tools that Dra. Christine and Dra. Pinky are using has some accessories to take a child’s attention away from the dental fright.


When I had my dental and cleaning done, it was evident how Toothbuddies naturally has the “buddy” and relaxing nature that drives away from the “clinical” feel. Dra. Christine always was checking up on me and was always making sure that I was relaxed and enjoying my dental cleaning and check-up.


It’s such a different experience when it’s the usual dental clinic experience compared to when an entire dental clinic makes sure that you feel right at home and makes sure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout any procedure being done. It is a big plus, especially when children are the one’s who are in for some cleaning or treatment.


So When In Manila, be sure to have Toothbuddies at the top of your lists when seeking for a highly skilled and highly comfortable dental experience! Toothbuddies truly is the “buddy” for all kinds of tooth and ages!







Address: Unit 217 The Garden Heights Condominium, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact #: (+632) 584-5660, +63922-8955530



Toothbuddies: Dental buddy for all ages


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