Tony Allen honored by Kobe as “best defender I ever faced”

When it comes to stopping the Black Mamba, Tony Allen was always the best man for the job.

And when the Lakers faced the Grizzlies last Friday (Saturday in the Philippines), the Black Mamba himself honored Tony Allen’s defensive skills.

According to reports, after the Lakers-Grizzlies match where the Grizzlies won 112–95 over Lakers, Kobe Bryant gave Allen a signed pair of sneakers and addressed the autograph to the best defender he’s ever gone up against.

Allen has been a big hurdle for Kobe when it comes to defense: In 2008, The Celtics won six games against the Lakers in the NBA Finals when Allen was assigned to keep Bryant in check.

Allen wanted to be known as one of NBA’s best all-time defender; looks like he’s gotten approval from the Black Mamba.

The Grizzlies will face the Lakers once more on March 22 in Los Angeles.