Tom’s Cruise: Spend the Night on a Yacht for a Unique and Luxurious Escape!

My dad celebrated his 68th this month and he wanted a Japanese-themed dinner and a bottle of fine whisky as with every year. It has been too long since we had all been together on vacation, though, so we opted to celebrate by spending a weekend by the sea: on Tom’s Cruise, to be exact – a luxurious yacht at Club Punta Fuego.

We arrived at the Marina on a Saturday afternoon where the glorious amber sunset of the Batangas coast was instead a gloomy and cold welcome for us beach-hungry folk. We went on with the dinner preparations and agreed to do the cruise the next day, with the kind assistance of the Tom’s Cruise staff and all-around guy, Kuya Joel. Cooking was a breeze as all the basic kitchen necessities were available. As the sun came down and the night enveloped the Marina, only the dim lights of the nearby establishments and the faint voices of another couple next to us were left as our only companions – comforting peace for an intimate escape.

Tom's Cruise

We settled in almost too easily and as dinner was served, we were each already on our 3rd can of beer. After the delicious meal, the cake was brought out. We did our typical birthday rituals, enjoyed a little bit more and took our respective spots in the cabin.

Although it was the first time for most of us to sleep in a floating vessel, we found it to be surprisingly comfortable. It got a little stuffy for a bit. The rain started to come down and we had to keep the windows closed to prevent water from drenching the interiors. It’s good that the yacht was fully equipped with fans, so we were all still able to get proper ventilation – and pretty much just everything anyone would need in a hotel for a family vacation sans room service. But who really wants that, anyway?

The main cabin features a convertible dinette, a nicely-equipped galley with a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker, an LED TV with a DVD Player, and a Stereo with CD/USB. The tiny but functional bathroom has a marine toilet with a holding tank, sink and a shower. Some basic toiletries are provided for convenience, as well.

The next morning we woke up to the familiar smell of our mother’s bacon and eggs, which seemed a lot more appealing than my fluffy pillow. So I got up, peeped through the window and instead of raindrops, I was greeted by a bright beam of sunlight that excited me for the enticing cruise that awaits.

Sailing went smoothly and everything was perfect. The weather was sublime and the waves were friendly enough for steady cruising. We even managed to make a quick stopover and play at a reef closeby. There are life vests, snorkels, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards for those interested in water sports and activities. Super fun! We continued enjoying what was left of last night’s stash and felt like kings and queens in the otherwise exclusive luxurious retreat.

With a yacht at our disposal, we were free to go wherever we wanted, even to the popular destination in Batangas known as Fortune Island. Due to time constraints, though, we only circled the Punta Fuego coastline and enjoyed 80s music with the breeze on our faces and glowing sunkissed skin.

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This is not a story of a typical Sunday sailing adventure I would have with my family. No, we don’t own a yacht and we aren’t even members of the prestigious club. Still, Mr. Tom Pestano’s ingenuity and generosity has made it possible for us to experience what that was like for a weekend. The concept of Tom’s cruise is definitely something new and unique. It’s perfect for intimate gatherings of groups who are quite on the adventurous side.

Tom's Cruise

Tom's Cruise

As a kid, I had always wanted a house on a hill and a yacht, but responsibilities and adulting made my dreams slip further and further away. Thank goodness for technology and innovation for making simple luxuries attainable to the common folk. With the aid of Airbnb and their creative hosts, you can experience a different getaway without having to shell out loads of money. Give your loved ones an amazing and unforgettable experience with Tom’s Cruise!

Tom's Cruise

Tom’s Cruise

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