TOMS Artist Tyler Ramsey at Fully Booked for Philippine Red Cross

When in Manila, one may be hard pressed to find generous and selfless people within three meters of each other. But a quick stop at events for charitable organizations like the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) proves that there are people in existence who, despite their social status, still find the time to show that they care. 









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 The TOMS Flag




TOMS: One for One

The When in Manila team has been raving about TOMS‘ winning advocacy–for each pair sold, another pair is given to a child in need. TOMS knows that, all over the world, there are children who grow up in squalor, with living conditions that include dangerous terrain and non-potable water. Their families live on less than a dollar a day, and earn a living through farming. For these children, owning a pair of shoes is already a luxury.



Thousands of these children are exposed to rough terrain and various soil-based diseases. These kids are susceptible to parasitic and bacterial infections, with dangers of exposing themselves to hookworms, podoconiosis, jiggers, and tetanus definite possibilities. 



Imagine experiencing stunted physical and mental development, congestive heart failure, swollen feet and legs, itching and hives at a very tender age. How will you fully enjoy your childhood? Diseases can even cause cognitive impairment which can prevent you from achieving your dreams!




TOMS’ Solution

To help children grow up healthy amidst poverty, TOMS donates shoes through your shoe purchases. The shoe company even establishes partnerships with various humanitarian organizations to improve the company’s shoe-giving presence worldwide. In fact, TOMS earlier tied up with We International – Philippines to provide the less fortunate in the Philippines with beautifully crafted, sturdy pairs of TOMS shoes.  







 What to expect from TOMS and Tyler Ramsey: A PRC Benefit!

Shoes as Instruments of Change

On August 28, 2012, the 5th floor of the Fully Booked building in Bonifacio Global City was packed with givers and strong supporters of the TOMS advocacy. The venue was witness to a two part event targeting the same goal: to help benefit the PRC and support its flood relief operations. 





 TOMS Artist Tyler Ramsey with his assistant and with the TOMS owner
reponsible for bringing the shoe brand to the Philippines




 WIM Contributor Kax Merioles photobombed with TOMS Resident Artist Tyler Ramsey






Limited edition pieces from Tyler Ramsey’s Robot Series




With renowned American artist Tyler Ramsey‘s limited edition masterpieces up for grabs, a lot of people–known personalities on TV, print, and the blogosphere–took a good look at the showcased art and participated in the silent auction.





 People were also encouraged to purchase a pair for a cause













 Being the owner’s relative helps!
Aunt and Dr Valerie Herbosa shows off her TOMS shoes.




The live art, on the other hand, started with Tyler Ramsey inviting the likes of Tim Yap and Mika Lagdameo-Martinez to participate in the live creation of signature Tyler Ramsey originals.





  Host Isabel Roces  





  TV host and writer Tim Yap sharing a joke with Tyler Ramsey 




 Mom and Model-preneur Mika Lagdameo-Martinez






 TOMS Artist Tyler Ramsey painting shoes like an actual painting canvas




When in Manila, there’s no better yet simpler way to help children around the world than attending charitable events that support campaigns like TOMS’ One for One program.





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TOMS Artist Tyler Ramsey at Fully Booked for Philippine Red Cross


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