Tokyo, Japan: The Search for the Best Places to See the Cherry Blossoms

WhenInManila, and still deliberating where in Tokyo is the best place to witness the Cherry Blossoms’ elegance and all its glory, then make sure to check out these 5 locations that would surely satisfy your desire to see them. Though these Cherry Blossoms are scattered all over Japan, I found these spots to be the most fitting to observe them. These locations may not be as geographically close to one another, but I hope my photos will be enough to show you that these places are worth finding and visiting

Japan3 132 

Just to give you a brief background, the Cherry Blossom Festival or “Hanami” is one of the most sought after festivals in Japan. People all over the world venture to the Land of the Rising Sun to be able to see those gorgeous pink flowers themselves. Though you can never predict the exact date of its full bloom, it usually occurs along late March till end of April. So if you want to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with the locals, be sure to book during spring season!

1. Private Garden along Asakusa

Asakusa is one of Tokyo‘s popular districts so do expect some occasional shoulder brushing of locals and tourist alike if you visit here. This place has a famous shopping street selling an array of souvenirs so the street really gets busy, but worry not since Asakusa has a private garden if you want to get away from the rustle and bustle of the crowd. This private zen-garden would definitely drain away all the fatigue from your body once you enter. Of course, you will see the famous cherry blossoms in this garden with lots of bonsai trees as well.

Japan 105

Felt so enlightened seeing the cherry blossoms, the pond, and the elegant landscape of the garden.

Japan 97

A closeup of the weeping cherry blossom trees

Japan 100

This is how a cherry blossom looks like in its full bloom

Japan 85 

Even without the cherry blossoms, I think you’d find this place really relaxing