Tokyo, Japan: The Search for the Best Places to See the Cherry Blossoms

2. Kamakura

Kamakura is a coastal town that can be located down south Tokyo. Formerly a political centre, Kamakura now holds numerous shrines, temples, and historic monuments to commemorate those who once ruled the city and the country. But what attracted me most about this place is this famous long walkway that’s filled with canopying cherry blossoms trees accompanied with Japanese lanterns. You’ll have to pass thru this walkway to enter the shrines of Kamakura so I’m sure you are going to enjoy your leisurely walk here. In a way, this path seemed endless to me, and I wouldn’t mind walking this path everyday if I get a view like this in every step I make.

Japan2 3

See what I’m talking about? Beautiful, isn’t it?

Once inside the gates of Kamakura, you could opt to take a side trip to enter the garden before you head to the main shrine. Entrance to the garden cost 500 Yen. In this garden, you’d not only see cherry blossoms but also other types of beautiful flowers.

Japan2 8

You’ll also see flowers like this all over the place 

Japan2 6

So this is how the Kamakura garden looks like during cherry blossom season

 3. Hamarikyu 

 Located at the mouth of Sumida River and formerly considered as a duck hunting ground for the feudal lords,Hamarikyu Garden is now a public garden where tourists and locals can just sit back, relax, and unwind in this large attractive landscape garden. Locals say that this park is really attractive in any season unlike those parks that only has cherry blossoms trees since you’d also find lots of flowers and foliages here even without the cherry blossoms trees. Plus, this garden is really conducive for picnics or for romantic dates! Though like I said, cherry blossoms don’t bloom at the same time in every location so there are some spots where they aren’t fully bloomed yet when I went there. Regardless, this garden within an urban metropolis is still one of those places that you should unquestionably visit.

Japan3 223

Entrance to the Hamarikyu Garden 

Japan3 203

As you can see, some cherry blossoms trees haven’t started blooming yet

Japan3 207

Plenty of bright yellow flowers

Japan3 222

 I told you! With or without cherry blossoms, this place is worth the visit