Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Milo Series Drinks


Tokyo Bubble Tea is one of those staple restaurants that you know will always have good food, a relaxed ambience and good service. There’s something for everyone in this cool tea place, whether you’re here to eat with family or just catch up on your studying.¬†For our food trip, we were introduced to a new line of drink that we can’t get enough of–Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Milo Series drinks. It’s the perfect match to their yummy asian food!

There are three new flavors for diners to choose from. Matcha Milo Milk tea brings out the more subtle flavors of the matcha and is enhanced by the chocolate punch of the Milo. Almond Milo Milk tea was our second favorite, the creamy sweetness of the almond milk is a perfect compliment to the Milo. But our winner of the three drinks has to be the JCC (that’s Japanese Cheesecake Cream!) Milo Milk Tea! Growing up as a kid who loved to dunk spoons into Milo Powder, this was the perfect throwback drink. The cream and the Milo mix into this crack-like substance that we just kept eating! The addition of tea to our usual Milo made this drink a winner for us.

On the food side of things, we were all about the comfort food. The Bulgogi Nachos were spicy and perfect to get our appetites going. The spicy pepper sauce and the savory bulgogi bits brought a great new twist to this classic dish. If you were looking for something a little more subtle, the Truffled Mushroom Soup is perfect for sweater weather.

The warm, thick soup leaves a pleasant, truffle taste in your mouth that has you scooping your bowl for more. The Vancouver and Volcano Maki sushi were good additions to our meal. These maki dishes were different from the usual maki fare–and they don’t skimp on the ingredients either.

Finally, there was the Korean Bibimbop. Trust us when we say that this dish should be shared. Served in a deep, warm and earthenware pot, it’s slathered in spicy pepper paste and is as hearty as the dish comes. Let’s just say our stomachs were not complaining after!


Bulogogi Nachos


Truffled Mushroom Soup


Vancouver Sushi


Volcano Maki


Korean Bibimbop