TokuSpirits 2017: 10 Amazing Things From My Weekend-Long Nostalgia Trip

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-tableKenta-san sees YOU!

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-toysThe Toku Stars pose with some toy boxes with a fan

5. Their Love for Super Sentai and Tokusatsu

Part of the interview involved me asking their favorite Super Sentai series outside their respective shows. Five Blue and Red Turbo answered Himitsu Sentai Gorenger(very first series), the series they watched when they were growing up. Kenta-san noted that it was Gorenger that started his dream to become part of a Super Sentai team someday. Kenta was also fond of the Kamen Rider series, especially Kamen Rider W, Fourze, and Den-O. Ei Hamura/TenmaRanger is an avid Tokusatsu fan and keeps up to date with both the Super Sentai and Kamen Ranger series. I was happy to know that one of his favorite series is Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and that he does customized ranger keys. I could totally relate to Mr. Hamura as too am a Gokaiger fan and have spent a lot of money to collect said ranger keys.

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-red-mask-cosplayersAura power!

Pink Five and Red Mask added that if they were to be put into another Super Sentai team, they’d be in Zyuranger (which was adapted for the 1st season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers).


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-Ei-himura-stageEi Hamura-san!

4. TenmaRanger is #TeamCap!

Mr. Ei Hamura revealed to us in the interview that not only was he a big Super Sentai fan, but he was also a Marvel fan. He is a huge fan of Captain America and was #TeamCap all the way during the Captain America: Civil War movie.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-keiMr. Kei w/ the fans

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-crowd-high-fiveBlack Condor reaches to the crowd

3. Showing Their Love to the Filipino Fans

In the interview, everyone said that they appreciated the warm welcome they have received from the Filipino fans. Mr. Kaizu and Mr. Hamura noted that the Filipino fans are very passionate, devoted, and supportive. Ms. Michiko was thankful that the fans still remembered them after such a long time. Mr. Kei Shindachia added that he always felt a lot of love from the Filipino fans and in turn it urged him to give out a whole lot of love back to them.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-black-condor-fans-2Black Condor, his fans, and the rest of the gang!

Mr. Toshihide Wakamatsu heard that Jetman was very popular here and was glad to that he was still remembered by the Filipino audience. He felt the love as he was one of the most popular guests of TokuSpirits 2017, with a number of fans wanting to stand next to Mr. Black Condor himself during the meet and greet photo-ops! They thanked their Filipino fans and urged them to continue their support for years to come. Kenta-san punctuated their thoughts by saying “salamat po!



2. Epic Crowd Selfie With the Guests!

TokuSpirits gave everyone a photo-op with the guests by way of a “crowd selfie”. I saw this as a great gesture to their Filipino fans who attended the event.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-MaskmanRed Mask on stage

1. Childhood Dreams Come True Part 2

Two years ago at Henshincon, I met Red Mask and Five Blue in person and it was a childhood dream come true. TokuSpirits 2017 was part 2 and it just topped part 1 with its bigger lineup and my interaction with the guests. Again this was one great nostalgia trip for me as I interacted with people I only got to see at my TV screen some 2 decades ago. I know that most fans also had their childhood dreams come true at TokuSpirits 2017 when they met their Super Sentai idols that weekend. I was happy to also interact with my fellow fans at the event and fanboy with them at certain portions of the event.


And that is my Top 10 list for my weekend-long nostalgia trip that was TokuSpirits 2017. I really had a grand time and I hope our guests had one awesome visit to our country. Special thanks to Mrs. Georgette Inaba and Mr. Alex Mondia for letting cover this unforgettable event. Thanks as well to Mr. Danny Torres for being the translator for the exclusive interview with the guests. Finally, a big THANK YOU to the six guests for dropping by the Philippines and making the dreams of their Filipino fans come true. I wish they would return as soon as next year. I am excited to see how they will top this year’s TokuSpirits upon their return.

Did you drop by TokuSpirits 2017? Share your favorite moments of the event in the comments section below! 😀