[WATCH] A Couple gets a Surprise Skype Session with Team Cap

A few weeks ago, we saw our friends Alodia and Chris meet the members of Team Cap in Singapore for the screening of Captain America: Civil War. But now, check out how a Cosplay Couple in the Philippines got one heck of a surprise when Team Cap barged into their skype session.

Henshincon 2015: 10 Memorable Moments from the Henshincon WeekendFred (left) and Daphne (right) with rapping Granny @ Henshincon

Meet Frederick Viñas and Daphne Cortes, a lovely couple who are pretty much into the whole cosplay genre. The couple have done a ton of amazing cosplays in the past. They not only do outstanding cosplays individually, but also as a couple. You’d see them cosplay as Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil, Star-Lord and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, and  Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones.

arkadymacFred (Captain America) and Daphne (Scarlet Witch)  with the rest of their fellow cosplayers (From: Arkadymac.com)

The couple won a contest on who’s the biggest TeamCap fan from Chris Cantada Force’s facebook page. Their prize, or so they thought, were just a couple of free tickets to the premier showing of Captain America: Civil War. They thought wrong..and got more than just free tickets. Check out the video below:

Skype Surprise!

WATCH-a-Couple-gets-a Surprise-skype-session-with-team-cap-when-in-manila-1Daphne and Fred’s reaction when Team Cap made their appearance

WATCH-a-Couple-gets-a Surprise-skype-session-with-team-cap-when-in-manila-coverAnthony Mackie, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan’s reaction after seeing the Captain America Cosplay

I loved watching the video and seeing the couple’s reaction once the three actors entered the skype session. As a Marvel fan, I really feel jealous that they got to skype with Captain America, Falcon and Bucky/Winter Soldier. But at the same time, I couldn’t have picked better winners as the duo seem to be HUGE Team Captain America fans. Also, it was refreshing to see the role-reversal midway through the video when it was the actors who were impressed by Fred’s Captain America cosplay. Congrats Fred and Daphne for winning the contest and the fantastic prize. Thanks to Chris Cantada Force for sharing this video. You can check Fred and Daphne’s FB page here for more cosplay pictures.

Wheninmanila.com is still on a Captain America: Civil War high, so don’t blink, cause we got a couple of more things you’d wanna see.


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