Power Rangers The Movie: A Fan’s View on the Film’s Impact

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If you grew up watching the 90s show called “Power Rangers”, then I bet you’re also excited for the Power Rangers movie that will be out (or already screening as per this post’s release date) in cinemas this March. We will see five teenagers with attitude fight the baddies and save the world with their Zords on the big screen and I’m very excited for that. I’m sure that I’m not alone with all the Power Rangers movie hype so I asked a couple of my fellow WhenInManila.com writers and friends weeks before the film’s release.

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Just like some of my fellow writers and friends, I got to watch Power Rangers on my TV screen when I was young. I was in First Grade at that time and got hooked from the very start. I religiously watched the series every Friday Night (and later, Saturday afternoon once we had cable TV). I followed the adventures of the original five during the Mighty Morphin’ season up to Power Rangers in Space. I collected a handful of Power Rangers toys during my youth, including their robots which they called “Zords”. As I grew up, my interest went on to other things, but this movie got me interested just like its previous seasons of Megaforce and Super Megaforce a couple of years back. Here’s what fellow WhenInManila.com writers Derrick and Cholo have to say about their fandom of Power Rangers in the past and the movie:

“I ‘was’ a big Power Rangers fan when I was in preschool, but lost track when I entered elementary school. Nonetheless, I’m still excited to see its movie adaptation. I am low-key expecting some post credits scene linking PR to X-Men maybe? Hey, anything can happen! Hahahahaha!!!”Dirk Flores

“Been a fan and was collecting all the MegaZords until Turbo Power Rangers. I still have them all haha! I even have the white ranger outfit with matching gloves that light, morphing coin, and a talking Saba sword I believe I still have the VHS of the 1st movie and the OST cassette tape”Cholo Isungga

This take on the Power Ranger lore in modern setting does set up some oddly familiar vibes of movies past. Fellow writer and pro wrestling fan, Julian Carag, shares his thoughts as well:

 “It’s like Breakfast Club with aliens, Zords and a lot of punching.” *Laughs*Julian Carag

At the same time I am rather scared on how this retelling of the tale would fare out. Movie reboots such as Transformers surely made millions, but personally, I felt it didn’t hold the standard from the 1980’s cartoon series (and the animation error filled film back in 1986). That said, will the Power Rangers movie fly like an eagle or just capitalize on nostalgia and flop?

In my opinion, it’s all nostalgic hype. I don’t like the design of their Zords and the Megazord. The premise seems cliché, moreso than the original, and it just doesn’t seem like a good reboot.”Dale L

The designs of the suit and the Zords do make me feel like it’s a Michael Bay-ish remake and that’s where the uneasiness comes from. So yes, there would be some ‘hate’ or vitriol from the old-school fans or ‘purists’. But at the same time, there will still be that hype and hope that this movie will succeed. Our friend Chris Cantada shares his prediction on how the movie is gonna fare out:

“As a Power Rangers fan, I’m really excited to see how they will retain the essence we love so much but still making it modern. I’ve heard a lot of hate towards this movie, and I don’t see how people can judge something without having to watch the finished product yet. I have a strong feeling that this reboot will be successful, and I’ll be there lining to buy tickets for the next one!” – Chris Cantada

At the end of the day, however, what impact does this new movie have for the world? By that I don’t mean just the film industry, the fandom, but also those who watch it. Will they be just amazed by the visuals and the plot? Or will there be more that they can take out of the movie? My friend and fellow Power Rangers fan Christophe has one beautiful way of seeing how much of an evolution this movie is for the Power Ranger franchise:

“I think it’s a natural step in the evolution of the franchise. It’s something that we have to embrace as the next level of the Tokusatsu hero genre. I think it’ll be a very different experience from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers though in that those kids were role models and kids like myself at the time really did aspire to be like them. This time around the teenagers in the movie are flawed individuals that can perhaps mirror how kids already are, and from there show them what they can aspire to be- well maybe not Power Rangers, but something else. Somebody they can be proud to be.” – Christophe Pacaud

I would like to thank my friends and fellow WhenInManila.com writers for sharing their thoughts on the Power Rangers Film. What about you? What are your thoughts on this movie? Power Rangers is now showing in Philippine Cinemas.