TokuSpirits 2017: 10 Amazing Things From My Weekend-Long Nostalgia Trip

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-crew-on-stageThe guests on stage

TokuSpirits 2017 was one great weekend for the fans who grew up watching Maskman, Bioman, and other Tokusatsu shows. The event was all about reliving their childhood and getting to see their idols in the flesh. TokuSpirits 2017 was part of the Otaku Expo 2017 event at the SM Megamall from August 12 to 13. The Special guests were Ei Hamura (TenmaRanger of Gosei Sentai Dairanger), Kenta Satou (Red Turbo of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger), Toshihide Wakamatsu (Black Condor of Choujin Sentai Jetman), Kei Shindachia (Five Blue of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman), Michiko Makino (Pink Five of Choudenshi Bioman), and Ryosuke Kaizu (Red Mask of Hikari Sentai Maskman).

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-ei-hamuraEi Hamura having fun on stage

There were a lot of moments and things I found out in TokuSpirits, but I reduced it to my top ten (for the sake of everyone’s time. But feel free to PM me on FB for more insights). Without any further delay, here are my personal Top 10 Amazing Things from TokuSpirits 2017, a.k.a. “My Weekend-Long Nostalgia Trip”.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-merch-1Some awesome helmets on display at the Kamen Rider Nimoy booth beside the TokuSpirits booth

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-merch-2Some of the fine merch at their booth 😀

10. Nice Merchandise Selections

There were nice merchandise on display at TokuSpirits 2017. Their own merch booth had t-shirts and signed items such as Music CDs, mugs, and pictures. Beside them was the Kamen Rider Nimoy booth and had a great assortment of helmets and other nice props (Captain America’s Shield) up for sale. If I had a lot of cash that weekend, I think I would’ve spent it up on the merch booths alone.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-autographThe table for the autograph signing

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-photo-op-familyTaking a picture w/ their fans

9. Meet and Greet Goodness

TokuSpirits 2017 had a meet and greet/autograph signing session. The first part featured the autograph signing portion. The second part (my favorite) was the photo-op with all six guests. I (barely) controlled the fanboy in me when I had my picture taken and who could blame me? I was having a photo-op with the actors and actress who were a vital part of the shows I saw as a kid. It was also nice to see the fans try, but ultimately failing, at not fanboying/fangirling at the sight of the Super Sentai Heroes. Some would even request to stand beside a specific Super Sentai Actor/Actress that they loved the most.



TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-autograph-1Pink Five shakes the hand of a fan after signing an autograph

8. Sinangag was a big hit!

I had a chance to get an exclusive interview with the six guests. So obviously one of the first questions I’d ask was about their favorite Filipino food. I was surprised that most of them loved Sinangag (Garlic Fried Rice) because they don’t usually have it back in Japan. Here were their other answers: Ms. Michiko (Pink Five) loves Sisig. Red Mask is a fan of Sinigang. Finally, Kei-San (Five Blue) likes Sinugba Nga Tuna.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-BioManPink Five!

TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-Kenta-Red-TurboRed Turbo on the mic!

7. All Six Guests Sang Their Respective Theme Songs!!!!

The fans went bonkers when the guests sang their respective theme songs on stage. We were so engaged in the segment that we too sang along. I remembered just how these songs (Maskman and Bioman to be specific) were one of my favorite songs to hum to when I was still in Grade School. There was even one certain fan that got so into it, he started to do some serious headbanging action near the stage.


TokuSpirits-When-in-manila-raffleLucky raffle winner on-stage

6. Raffle and Auction of Rare Collectors Items

Some VERY lucky fans got to win exclusive/personal items at the raffle draw portion. Some won items such as a signed Turboranger script, an autographed card, and other rare Super Sentai items.


TokuSpirits 2017 had an auction which included autographed items from the guests as well as other Japanese artists. Rare Items auctioned off included an autographed drawing by one of Slam Dunk and Dragon Ball’s animator, Masaki Sato. Proceeds of the auction would go to the charity that TokuSpirits was sponsoring.

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