Today’s Google Doodle Represents The Philippine 2019 Midterm Elections

The 2019 Philippine general election is being conducted today, May 13, 2019. 12 Senate seats, hundreds of House Representatives, and thousands of governors, mayors, representatives, and council members will be decided on by the voting public. In order to acknowledge this important proceeding, Google has put up a Doodle especially for it. 

According to The Commission on Elections, nearly 61 million Filipinos are expected to make it to the polls today. There are 80,000 voting precincts across the country, with many of them being open from 6am-6pm. COMELEC states that common mistakes made by voters are incorrectly shading ballots or shading too many options in the ballot. 

(What is a party-list — and why should you even care about them?)

They also launched a precinct finder in order for voters to be aware of their registration status. However, the site has been suffering some glitches. For any concerns from voters, you may reach out to the COMELEC’s 24-hour hotline. 

Image from The Commission on Elections

What are your thoughts on this year’s midterm elections? 


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