Tips for Making Great Content Online That We Learned From Hershey Neri

Becoming a content creator can be difficult at first, but it is a rewarding career path, especially if you are creative. A content creator can create content about almost anything using any preferred media, such as photography, filmmaking, or blogs.

People have grown used to genuinely well-created, knowledge content as search results have become smarter. As a result, you can’t use specific cruel techniques to game the Digital marketing system or trick people into visiting your website any longer.

It’s simple to create and publicize a single content article these days, but the challenge is to create meaningful and convenient content. Content contributes to the growth of trust with your audience, so the more helpful it is, the more likely people are to trust you.

Tips For Making Great Content Online

Be Loud

Being Talkative/ Loud. Every time they raise their voices, they are learning how to be strong communicators, and strong communication skills make it easier to succeed in almost any aspect of their lives.

Have a Clear Vision and Niche

Strong leadership and a target audience will assist you in creating relevant content, attracting the ideal supporters, and growing an active community.

Show don’t tell

Today’s social media platforms reward visual content — this should be a major element of your content strategy. After all, visuals are proven to increase shares and engagement.

Whether it’s unique images, graphic design content, video content, or branding visuals you share via blog, site page, email, social media, etc., they will help you increase conversions while offering an engaging and appealing presentation of your content.

Not to mention, these days you don’t need to be a designer to create and share professional-looking visuals. In fact, there are plenty of easy-to-use design tools on the market for people with any level of design knowledge.

Good quality content tips/ideas attract the right audience to your vlogs, engage them, and encourage them to take action on your websites/social media platforms. If a user finds the content useful, he or she is more likely to share it.

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Get To Know Hershey Neri

Hershey Neri graduated as a Counseling Psychology Master’s student. She was trained in writing, public relations, marketing, and advertising during her undergraduate years.

Hershey Neri worked as a fashion journalist for ABS-CBN’s Creative Programs, Inc., writing articles on fashion, beauty, weddings, and lifestyle for Metro.Style, the digital platform of Metro Magazine, which is one of the top fashion magazines in the country. Aside from writing daily content, she also produced digital campaigns for the said publication.

Before she landed a position at Metro.Style, she used to work as the fashion and beauty editor for NoInk, a lifestyle app, and website created by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc for millennials. Also, she worked as a content creator for two of the Philippines’ top millennial publication sites: WhenInManila.com and The Girl on TV.

Aside from working in publishing and media, she handles her blog (HeyHersheyBlog.com) where she writes articles on life and growing up. She is best known for her funny videos on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. She also recently starred in the GMA Network television series “Jose & Maria’s Bonggang Villa” starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

Want to know more about Hershey Neri and how she attained success not only in social media but also in showbiz? Listen to her episode on The Creative Talk Podcast!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1jmXyrdKMPUq32kqhysR0X?si=eba5560ed5a4422e

APPLE PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/ph/podcast/99-tips-for-making-great-content-online/id1524388897?i=1000584588873

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