The TinyTAN Tamagotchi Lets You Take Care of BTS Members

What’s not to love about TinyTAN? We recently featured TinyTAN message chocolates that come with sweet messages from BTS themselves. Now we’re here to show you another amazing TinyTAN release: TinyTAN tamagotchi!

BTS V TinyTAN Tamagotchi

90s kids won’t just fall in love with the boys in these cute toys, but they’ll also get a dose of nostalgia while the newer generations might be familiar with the tamagotchi app. In a nutshell, these toys will let you take care of digitized versions of these cartoon characters that exist in the fictional TinyTAN universe. Check out the video here:

There’s a Red version inspired by Mic Drop and a Purple version based on Magic Door. What’s more, each BTS member’s tamagotchi will come with their own favorite food with clothes and hairstyles that you can change. It also comes with different mini-games for you to enjoy with the boys. We’re super excited to get our hands on these!

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