TIME.com Posts About Traffic in EDSA: “Traffic: It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

How often do you see stories about the Philippines in international media outlets such as Time? When there are viral singing sensations? When Manny Pacquiao is fighting Mayweather? When we are hit by a disastrous storm? Our problem with traffic jams has gotten so bad, even international media outlets are picking up the story.
Traffic TIme Magazine2

Time wrote about the ironic incident: “The guy in charge of managing Manila’s traffic missed a live TV interview because he was stuck in traffic.” You could read the full article here.

Traffic TIme Magazine1

Filipinos have taken to social media to express their grievances over the failed transportation system. Some have done through rants online, while others have made hilarious memes. But these are only temporary ways of coping.

What do you think should be the long-term solution? In the meantime, what are the things you do to (try) to avoid traffic?

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