Tilt-Shift Photography Turns Makati Into Miniature Toy Town

One of the nice points about living high up in a residential skyscraper is the view that comes with it. This view, around 150 meters and nearly seventy floors above the streets of Makati, is also perfect for some tilt-shift photography, so here is Makati: Toy Town Edition.

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (1)Makati Avenue looking tiny from above

Tilt–shift photography is a technique that can be used to create a miniature look with real life objects. This works best from certain angles, such as high up. The effect can be achieved by using a proper perspective control lens (or tilt–shift lens), or more commonly these days by using digital effects as done by me here:

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Below are some more examples of Miniature Makati. Enjoy 🙂

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (3)Traffic on EDSA

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (4)Looking towards Jupiter Street and Bel Air Village

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (5)Mandaluyong from above

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (6)The bridge at Rockwell

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (7)Bel Air Village

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (9)Construction work next to the old Mandarin Oriental

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (10)The Circuit

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (11)Kalayaan from above

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (14)Mandaluyong with Tivoli Gardens

Miniature-makati-tilt-shift-photography (15)Makati Avenue

If you would like to try this miniature look yourself, then there are many apps for smartphones that can do it, the easiest probably being Instagram, which actually has a tilt-shift filter. Try and shoot our object from above to get the effect of looking down on a miniature wonderland. Feel free to share your shots in the comments. I’d love to see them!