Tiger Translate Conquers Manila at KYSS Bar: Beer and Art




When in Manila, get the best of what Manila art and music has to offer.


Are you familiar with Tiger Beer? This is Singapore’s first locally brewed beer and holds pride in being the “World Acclaimed Lager Beer” and has been around since the 1930s. So what on earth is Tiger Translate? Tiger translate promotes Tiger Beer, but this isn’t just about drinking and getting buzzed out. Basically Tiger Translate promotes art:


And our mission? To generate the next big bang in creativity through exposure to different cultures and experiences. Fusing visionaries from the ends of the world, we showcase the best of emerging Asian creativity with work that challenges the status quo. And more importantly, work that entertains, engages and inspires you. But don’t take our word for it. -Tiger Translate




 image by Nuno via the https://kstphilippines.tumblr.com



And here in Manila, they’re here to promote art in one of its most contemporary forms: Graffiti!




Living in the urban metropolis called Metro Manila. Graffiti obviously isn’t new to me at all. I see it almost everywhere and for the most of us, this isn’t vandalism but street art and an expression of freedom. And we will all get to see this as Tiger Translate Manila kicks off on November 18, 2011 at the KYSS bar!


With a Tiger Beer in your hand, get to watch your favorite graffiti artists, such as EKIS and NUNO strut their stuff as we all listen to the sounds of the electronic rock duo Turbo Goth. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars, and visit Tiger Translates Facebook and Twitter pages for a chance to win VIP passes or to simply get to know more about what Tiger Translate is all about. Don’t forget to visit their website as well to browse through the different ways of how their homegrown talents showcase their art.


When in Manila, and you have beer plus art, what could get any better than that?


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Tiger Translate Conquers Manila at KYSS Bar: Beer and Art