ThunderBird Resorts Philippines: Poro Point San Fernando, La Union Hotel

I was recently invited by Thunderbird Resorts Philippines to check out their Mediterranean-inspired architecture at Poro Point: the Thunderbird Resorts Philippines in San Fernando, La Union!

It was a wonderful 3-day stay for me and my friends! The resort itself was very beautiful and is the ideal place to have the best rest and relaxation sessions of your life! I was told that weddings and company retreats are also very common here; but most often, guests go to relax and get away from the crazy busy city life.

Here’s an except from their site:

Discover the exotic charm and majestic beauty of Thunderbird Resorts’ first destination in Asia: the island archipelago of the Philippines. With our two integrated luxury resort venues in the highland oasis of Rizal and in the Mediterranean-inspired peninsula of Poro Point, you can live your dream – and live it spectacularly.

Leisure, business, travel, recreation: no matter the purpose of your visit, book your stay at Thunderbird Resorts, and you’ll get that delightful feeling of not wanting to be elsewhere. Be charmed by the inspired, mood-setting architecture of our resorts. Embrace the pleasures of modern comfort and privilege that we offer. Indulge in our smorgasbord of international cuisine and innovative dining. Enjoy our world-class service, and then be surprised by the warmth of local hospitality. Delight at the scenic, dreamy views of nature, and be thrilled by the vibrancy of nightlife and entertainment.

We invite you to Thunderbird Resorts Philippines. It’s an invitation to an experience of luxury, set amid the tropical havens.

Overall, it was a great experience! The rooms were clean and I love their beds and how they seemingly made me melt into them.

In the room is also a nice flat screen television and WiFi access throughout the Thunderbird Resort. There is also an amazing view from the patio.

The bathroom is beautiful and clean. Best of all, it is really spacious. Unfortunately, the rainfall shower was broken in my room and they weren’t able to fix it before I left, so I wasn’t quite able to enjoy the very spacious bathroom as much as I had hoped. I’m sure it would have been a very relaxing shower had it worked, though.

Oh, and did I mention the extra cool stuff at the resort? They have everything from an 18-hole golf course to a giant pool with a pool bar!

Also, do try out the restaurant Olives within the Thunderbird Resort. The breakfast buffet is great and we also tried some wood-fired / brick oven pizza for lunch, which tasted great.

Most of all, you really need to just go to relax and melt your stress away. The amazing sceneries, the breathtaking architecture, the serene surroundings, and pretty much a complete package of serenity will surely wash away any worries.

So next time, When In Manila, take a relaxing trip out of town to Poro Point San Fernando, La Union and stay at the Thunderbird Resorts! Do try out their golf course, swim in their pool, appreciate their Greek/Mediterranean style architecture or just go to relax. Oh, and I’ll also share our city tour that Thunderbird Resorts took us on in a later post.

ThunderBird Resorts

Poro Point Freeport Zone, San Fernando City, La Union


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