THROWBACK: Everyone Knew This Beat Game Back in 2003!

Let’s do a little throwback!

Back in 2003, a Coca-Cola took the Philippines by storm. It shows two girls in a school courtyard, playing a beat game with a bottle of Coca-Cola right beside them.

That beat game became so popular, all the kids were playing it! Everyone knew the Coca-Cola beat game and it was the coolest thing back in the day.

Now, more than 10 years after, the girls on the 2003 ad shows us again how it’s done! For our younger readers who didn’t get to experience the hype of the beat game, check this out!

To those who got to experience the game’s hype, let’s refresh our memories and see if we still have it on muscle memory.

Okay, now I feel old.

Did you play this game, too? Share it with your friends and enjoy the throwback together!

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