Coca-Cola Brings a Glee-ful Surprise for the Filipinos

WHEN IN MANILA, it’s not every day that your favorite Hollywood stars would come to the Philippines for a quick visit. I’ve been a follower of Glee since the original New Directions sang “Don’t Stop Believing” back in 2009.

Since then, I’ve never skipped an episode or a song cover by the Glee Cast. So when I found out that the cast of one of my favorite tv shows is coming to the Philippines, I knew I had to meet them.

Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Becca Tobin, and Dean Geyer or better known as Jake, Marley, Kitty, and Brody respectively came all the way from the US to celebrate Coca-Cola’s big surprise for the Filipinos. If you guys have noticed, mystery crates were placed across different locations in Metro Manila, which is scheduled to be unveiled later at exactly 2 pm! So if you want to know more about these mystery crates, go to Trinoma, Market Market, or Glorietta for the big reveal!


Meanwhile, the stage is set for the cast of Glee to come out and talk more about Coca-Cola, Glee, how they share happiness, etc.


After waiting for hours, the crowd was happy for the host, Iya Villania, to come out and finally introduce the Gleeks to the crowd.


The first Gleek to come out was the Puckerman cutie, Jacob Artist. He was such a sweetheart in answering all of the questions.

And that goofy grin of his, wonderstrucking!


Kitty is one of my favorite new characters in Glee. Despite the bitchy attitude, when she reached out to Ryder when he was in trouble, I knew she had a heart! When Becca Tobin came out, she was such a sweetie! Not an ounce of Kitty meanness in her.




I have to admit, when Dean Geyer came on stage, Winona and I had to let out a little squeal of delight mixed with a bit of excitement with a lot of kilig factor.




Of course the conference wouldn’t be complete without the new Rachel, Melissa Benoist.




The cast members of Glee gamely answered the questions of the press. They even goofily sang “Wannabe” for all of us. That was definitely a fun treat.




Though I’m a Jarley shipper and my fingers are crossed for a pairing between Kitty and Ryder, I have to say, these two would make a cute couple don’t you think? Speaking of Ryder, while having lunch at Manila Peninsula, I’m pretty sure my friend and I spotted Blake Jenner going out for a quick run.




Be sure to stay tune later at 2 pm to know what Coca-Cola has in store for all us that has gotten these Gleeks giggling in their seats WHEN IN MANILA.


All photos taken by Winona Que