This Wife Creates Hilarious Online Ad for Her Cheating Husband

Cheaters, take this as a warning.

When a man cheats, the wife would either file for a divorce or forgives him for another chance. But, if the cheating becomes habitual, that’s a different story.


Most often than not, wives would go hysterical and confront their partners, but this lady stands out from the rest. Instead of going postal, she turned her desperation to a hilarious spin.

A Facebook page called “Putragis ka” re-posted on their account what appeared to be a “husband for sale” post from another online seller in Facebook.

According to the post, the wife looked like she had enough of her cheating, jobless, and alcoholic husband.

The wife was also clear about the return policy: “NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE.”

Read the wife’s hilarious reason for selling (RFS) below:

husband for sale

Take note of the poster’s conditions: “No bogus buyer.” “Strictly NO return.”

Clearly, the Philippines isn’t one of the happiest people on earth for nothing! This ad is so hilarious I couldn’t breathe anymore!

So, how about you? Would you do the same thing? Share your answers below!


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