This upcoming UP graduate summarizes college in his grad pics

If there is one thing most students like about graduating, it’s having their grad photos and creative shots taken, especially the latter. Most students usually compose striking write-ups for their yearbooks that will make them well-remembered when they exit the university. On the other hand, some don’t exert as much effort with their write-ups, because their photos make up for it – and Miles Lawrence Basnillo is an example of one.

For the upcoming BS Computer Science graduate, he wanted his creative shots for his upcoming graduaton just as memorable as everyone else’s.

Basnillo uploaded two of his creative shots on his Twitter account to which he created a meme out of them.

The caption’s rough translation as follows:

(A scenario): You when your parents visit you [in school] vs you when they leave”

The post then has reached a thousand likes and retweets since its posting.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Basnillo for further details.

“A bunch of my friends and I who are also all graduating scheduled a shoot at a studio in Los Baños. The days prior, we were discussing what sort of creative shots we would do since it was allowed in the packages we availed. Up until the day of the shoot itself, I still had no idea what I was gonna do. I tried recounting what sorts of things would do well for a creative shot, but I wanted it to hold a little bit of meaning if possible. I considered something with my laptop ‘coz of my major, ComSci, or something regarding sleep cause a good night’s sleep is something I’ve been wanting for a long time, HAHA!”

He then reflected a bit more on his experiences as a college student. There care that Eureka moment of his creative shot ideas.

“I then thought of drinking (disclaimer: no, I’m not a lasinggero or a drunkard, just right!). Drinking is something I only started doing in college. It gave many great times and amazing stories over the years. So I decided, even though “drinking” creative shots aren’t original anymore, that I’d still do it. The peg was sort of like a “Cheers to you, UPLB! And cheers to everyone I’ve met!”; hence the pose of me offering the shot.”

The idea of the mineral water came about just at the last minute just when he bought alcohol for his photoshoot.

“I figured it would look funny side by side. So when I got the photos, I showed them to my friends and they liked it. When I got the photos, I showed them to my friends and they liked it. I then decided to post it on Twitter for my other friends to see. I came up with the caption just as I was about to post the pics.”

While Basnillo tried to think of caption, he recalled a funny story that happened at his friend’s apartment. The parents of his friend made a surprise visit while they were there, but there were beer bottles around. He notes that he wasn’t exactly sure if that time, his friend was already allowed to drink, but they were paranoid about the idea of the visit and how his parents could possibly react, so they speedily cleaned up the place trying to hide “the evidence.”

Basnillo 2Basnillo 1

Cheers to you, Miles! Congratulations in advance! :P

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Disclaimer: does not own these photos. Photo credits go to Miles Lawrence Basnillo/Blink Creative Studios.

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