This Strawberry Champorado Is Your Next Reason To Visit Baguio

Rainy season is here and so are the cravings for champorado. But having the same old chocolate champorado every time the rain pours can get a bit tiresome— especially since it rains every other day. Well, this champorado with a twist is the perfect solution.

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Le Monet Hotel at Camp John Hay has recently started a new craze for tourists and locals alike. Their new dish introduces a flavor synonymous to Baguio by adding in strawberries instead of the usual chocolate. Jeffrey Santos’ invention of Strawberry Champorado plays on both nostalgia and the excitement of something new. 

According to Santos, the new-but-old breakfast dish is made with strawberry, strawberry syrup, coconut milk, milk, and white chocolate. He shares with ABS-CBN that they wanted to put a spin on what Filipinos know to expect from champorado. Santos hopes that strawberry champorado would be as common an option for Filipinos as chocolate champorado is eventually.

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