19 Chocolate Chip Cookie Shops You Need to Try This 2024

No matter what the time of day or day of the week it is, it’s always great to indulge in a chocolate chip cookie. Who can resist a piece that’s just warm enough that the outside stays crispy while the inside is oh so gooey? It’s the best! We love discovering new cookie shops online or around Metro Manila so we asked our WhenInManila.com readers to recommend their favorites for us to try. Here’s what they suggested!

*Numbers do not pertain to ranking

1. Mookies Oatmeal Cookies

mookies mnl


These home-baked oatmeal cookies are made with rolled oats and premium ingredients. You can order an assorted pack of 6 or 12 which includes your picks from their cookie catalog: the OG Mookie (dark chocolate & walnut), Almond Butter, Coffee S’mores, Caramel Turon, Cereal Milk, or their newest Rocky Road. They’re best paired with Mookies Oat Milk!

2. Good Sh*t

good sht coffee


Good Sh*t may be known best for their coffee but fans of theirs can’t help gushing over their cookies too. This shop in Poblacion is open from dawn to late evening and bakes their pastries fresh every day. Try their Triple Chocolate Chip or even their unique flavors like Biscoff, Mango Tango, and Nori White Chocolate, or even their take on the trending Crookie!

3. Mo’ Cookies

mo cookies


Mo’ Cookies have always been the top-of-mind cookie shop to get our sweet treats and for good reason: they’re just that good that you’ll be craving for mo.

4. Bake Scout

bake scout


They may look simple, but they’re pretty addicting! Their signature Belgian chocolate chip cookies are the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

5. Twenty Four Bakeshop

twentyfour bakeshop


This bakeshop sells all kinds of pastries but you shouldn’t miss out on its giant cookies! They currently have their version of the Crookie too which is a must-try.

6. Extra Butter

extra butter


Extra Butter‘s extra-ordinary palm-sized cookies will blow you away! They offer different types of cookies, each satisfyingly oversized (weighing 150+ grams!) and packing tons of premium flavor. Our personal favorites are the Triple Chocolate Ganache cookies and the classic 70% Dark Chocolate.

7. Got Baked

got baked


Got Baked has a lot of delicious cookies on its menu, including crowd faves PBomb, Brown Butter, and OG as well as new additions like the Chocolate Walnut Cookie. They’re all baked fresh every day and are best paired with their delicious coffee!

8. By Sunrise

by sunrise


A pandemic business, By Sunrise is still going strong, offering so many new flavors you won’t find anywhere else! Although their chocolate chip cookies, which stand out for having muscovado sugar that gives the cookies a slightly nuttier and deeper taste, are what you’ll want to go for, you should also try their Triple Chocolate Chip, Breakfast Cookie, and their new Lemon Cookie!

9. Aly’s Cookie Bar

aly's cookie bar


Believe us: Aly’s Cookie Bar’s cookies truly are one-of-a-kind. Made with high-quality ingredients and freshly baked to perfection, these cookies are so moist and chewy, and are able to stay that way even after a few days! We love the perfect balance between sweet and salty with their Dark Chocolate Fleur De Sel most especially. We always have to stop ourselves from finishing the entire box in one day!

10. Poco MNL

poco mnl


Poco MNL is known for its soft and chewy cookies which are both comforting and addicting! They’re baked the same day you order and are best consumed within the day too. So go and share a box with your friends (or indulge in it alone – we won’t judge!)

11. Aperitif



Aperitif’s pastries are to die for and their cookies are a testament to how much care and attention they put into a dessert so simple to make it stand out from the rest.

12. Baba Bakes

baba bakes


Baba Bakes specializes in low-carb, gluten-free, flourless desserts so you can indulge without the guilt! You can try the sampler box featuring all of their flavors or choose to build your own with your faves. Best sellers are the Chocolate Dream, Macadamia Milk, White Walnut, and Peanut Butter.

13. The Kind Cookie

the kind cookie


Located in Salcedo Village, The Kind Cookie aims to not only feed hungry mouths with delicious 120-gram cookies but also use its platform to partner with beneficiaries to help enrich the lives of fellow Filipinos. For each box of cookies sold, a portion of sales go directly to their partner beneficiary for the month. Isn’t that amazing?

14. Power Stash



Looking for vegan cookies? Power Stash has got you covered. Their egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! Must-tries are the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, Classic Double Chocolate Cookies, and Triple Dark Chocolate Brownie Cookies! Truly taking plant-based snacking to the next level.

15. 1870 Cookie Cartel

1870 cookie cartel


There’s no other way we can describe the cookies of 1870 Cookie Cartel other than they’re so wickedly good. Our lack of words to properly express just how much we enjoyed their cookies speaks volumes—but you have to try it yourself to understand why that’s so. They’re so chewy, so decadent, and frankly terrible to share with friends and family because you’ll want them all for yourself! Must-tries are the Cartel Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Espresso, Manhattan Chocochip, and Reese’s Peanut Butter.

16. Old Boy Bakery

old boy bakery


Old Boy Bakery boasts an expansive menu of delicious baked goods and pastries, but you shouldn’t sleep on its Chocolate Chip Cookies. Made with browned butter cookie dough and Belcolade Belgian dark chocolate, these cookies will delight you with their flavor and textures—crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

17. Better Batter Cookies

better batter cookies


Taking inspiration from New York’s famous Levain Bakery, Better Batter Cookies tries its hand at the unique cookie style, coming up with huge, chunky cookies with crispy edges and an ooey gooey center.

18. Community Kitchen PH

community kitchen


You can’t have too much cookies… except at the Community Kitchen PH where Too Much is just what you need! Their Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies are always raved about for being so chunky and chewy while also being more affordable than other online cookie stores. It’s no wonder why they won the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie back in 2021!

19. Midnight Kitchen

midnight kitchen


Freshly baked goodness made using premium ingredients—Midnight Kitchen PH is pretty new to the game but is already packing a punch with its two chocolate chip cookie variants: Classic and Double. As of now, you cannot order the cookies individually and can only get them by the box (either half dozen or dozen). They only deliver from Friday to Sunday too from Kapitolyo, Pasig, so if you’re thinking of treating yourself this weekend, indulge in Midnight Kitchen’s cookies!

What’s your favorite place to buy chocolate chip cookies from? Share them with us in the comments!

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