This Stick-On Bluetooth Speaker Is Perfect For Your Personal Concerts in the Shower

We listen to music in the shower to make something so mundane a lot more exciting and entertaining. Sometimes, other people even watch whole shows and movies while taking a bath! You must have also done this at least once in the shower, essentially turning your bathtime into your very own concert.

Yes, there is that fear of getting your phone or gadget wet while in the shower. All you need is the right device to keep your shower concerts going.

stick on speaker

Photos from Shopee

This stick-on waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Shopee was made exactly for safe music listening in the bathroom. Aside from being safe from water thanks to its waterproof feature, it also sticks to the wall so that you can have your music blasting onto your face.

You can also easily control your music through the buttons on the speaker, so there’s really no need to have your device inside the bathroom.

This stick-on speaker can also be used as a phone stand if you stick it to the back of your phone. Cute and multifunctional!

Buy this stick-on waterproof speaker here!

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