This Premium Korean Barbecue Also Serves Unlimited Shrimp and Octopus

Words by Oriana Cuenca
Pictures by Kimberly Reyes

Just a couple of years ago, “BBQ” in the Philippines would be synonymous with skewered meats sold at small stalls and as seen at birthday parties. In the past two years or so though, a new wave of restaurants invaded the Philippine food scene—the Korean Barbecue—completely redefining the meaning of BBQ in the Philippines forever.

The Korean barbecue has found a permanent place in the lives and palates of many Filipinos. The Philippines has always been a buffet-loving nation, and the idea of unlimited meats and side dishes has obvious appeal. Filipinos are also very social eaters, so a sit-down type of buffet, with the added fun of cooking your own meat, makes its all the easier to keep the conversation rolling.

Gen Korean BBQ Premium Meats and Seafoods

With the success of many KBBQs in the Philippines, it’s becoming harder to stand out from the pack. One place is carving its own place in the KBBQ scene though with a more premium approach to the KBBQ experience. Gen Korean Barbecue has a more upscale restaurant and high quality food to match. It also has an offering that goes above and beyond: unlimited (premium) seafood, meats, and cocktails!

Gen Korean Barbecue is introducing seafood to its already extensive list of 30 meats. Some of the highlights of this seafood line up are unlimited shrimps, cream dory, squid, giant river prawn, and even octopus! Octopus is not a dish seen often outside takoyaki stands, but lightly grill this dish for three to five minutes and it might just become your next favorite. We also loved the squid freshly grilled and dipped in Gen KBBQ’s new cilantro dip!

For those who were a fan of their Cajun Chicken (a flavorful blend of salts with spices like cayenne pepper, thyme, and garlic powder) then you’ll be glad to known that Gen KBBQ has upgraded to include Cajun Shrimps in their line up. These shrimps are just as flavorful and even healthier than the chicken version.

Octopus Platter at Gen KBBQ

Grilled Octopus

GEN Korean BBQ has the interiors to match its quality local and imported offerings. With booth seating, dim lights, and live music playing, this Korean BBQ is a step up from a casual lunch place.

In the day time, it makes for a great lunch with the family. At night, the club-inspired interiors and free flowing drinks transform the restaurant into the ideal place for after-work parties or a night out with friends.

Different people have different appetites, and Gen Korean BBQ has the menu to match. Their all-you-can-eat packages have lunch sets ideal for light and eaters and quicker meals. Their new seafood line comes in a package of its own, and let’s not forget the ever popular all-day unlimited wine and cocktails set!

Here’s a full list of all the premium seafood they have in store for guests:

Ever since its founding in 2017, Gen Korean Barbecue has made a name for itself in the KBBQ world of the Philippines. From chicken, pork, and beefs imported from LA, the restaurant has even added a line up of fresh seafoods to match. You won’t find a selection quite like this anywhere else in the country.

Gen Korean BBQ House

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex
(02) 541-2766 / (+63) 917- 6218249
Instagram: @genkbbq_ph

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday – 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday to Saturday – 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM


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