This PMS Subscription Box Doesn’t Just Address Your Needs, Your Proceeds Also Go To Women in Poverty

Words by Micah Avry Guiao

Experiencing periods are already difficult enough in itself–incessant store-runs to purchase the napkins you need and the snacks you’re craving for can be a chore, especially to those who have to deal with cramps and headaches.

Luckily for us, Happy Days Club provides us with the first ever PMS subscription box in the Philippines.

In it includes a variety of sanitary products, feminine essentials, pampering/beauty items, herbal teas, heat pads, medicine packets, and treats to ease the pain and hassle that come with having periods. No two boxes are exactly alike.


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What’s more, your box is designated to reach you before the arrival of your dreaded period comes. You might even find yourself looking forward to your next time of the month.

While we are at liberty to attain the comfort and convenience we need through this PMS subscription box, the same cannot be same of women in poverty who experience the same periods as we do. It’s a whole different story to not have the basic necessities every woman needs to curtail the mess and pain of it all.

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As Happy Days Club would put it, choosing between food and sanitary pads is a decision no woman should have to make. Nevertheless, we are still faced with the reality that millions of women who are homeless or living in poverty suffer this problem every month. These women resort to utilizing tissue paper and handkerchiefs in order to compensate for the lack of access to sanitary products. These solutions are simply not ideal as it can bring about several health issues such as infection.

With Happy Days Club, your proceeds go to these women in need.


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The process to subscribe monthly is fairly simple: choose a plan, fill out a quick profile, and wait for your package to be delivered directly at your doorstep.

There are two subscription boxes to choose from: the Surprise Me Box priced at Php 495 (with items worth over Php 700 in value) and the Bye Bye PMS Box priced at Php 695 (with items worth over Php 1,000 in value). While the former gives you the “ultimate period experience,” the latter is a deluxe version stocked with upgraded items.

The second step enables Happy Days Club to fill up your box with goodies that are specifically tailored to meet your needs.


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To those who feel iffy about immediately going for monthly subscription, settling for a trial one-time purchase could be the answer. The trial box priced at Php 397 + shipping rate.

Their brand sponsors are Softex, Tris Cosmetics, pH Care, Skin Correct Clinical Cosmetics, Nyogi, Scent Swatch, Caronia, Dermcare, and Coco Line Naturals, while the brands they feature are Ladouce Tampons, David’s Salon, Céleteque Dermo Cosmetics, Bobbie Nails, Ezywipe, Kettle Korn, and Aurora’s Choice.

If subscription boxes aren’t your thing but you wish to help all the same, Happy Days Club is accepting donations in forms of menstrual products. For more information, visit this link.

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