Attention, Ladies: Make “those days” a lot better with this PMS subscription box!

Ladies, only you and I can understand the natural discomfort that we have to go through every single month. You and I know that we can get pretty intense during those days because of everything happening altogether–the pain, the cravings, the mood swings, the skin problems. Yeah, it’s not very pretty.

And I’m sure many of us have seen those social media posts about boyfriends getting their girls care packages during that time of the month to ease their pain. Well, who needs a boyfriend when we’ve got Happy Days Club?

happy days

Happy Days Club is the first ever PMS subscription box in the country, and it’s guaranteed to turn those days into happy days thanks to the wide variety of products and surprises they include in their boxes.

Raisa, Reliza Sarah, and Ranielle Sarah, founders of Happy Days Club, started this company in March 2018. It all began with their own experiences with PMS.

Raisa shares with that it was out of their desire to raise awareness on PMS and on overcoming symptoms that they started the company.

“We know that women feel pain, discomfort, fatigue, and sometimes bad moods associated with the PMS cycle. […] I did my research & found out that most subscription boxes in the Philippines are beauty boxes or something related to beauty products. And I thought that being a woman, we sometimes feel “ugly” or not our best when we have our period so I decided to launch a subscription box to help women feel good & beautiful even during their period.”

Their monthly box is actually a great alternative to shopping for pads or tampons in stores, because as much as we try to track our period, sometimes it just comes as a surprise. And when it comes unexpectedly, you won’t have to worry about having to quickly run to the store and get supplies. Happy Days will deliver everything you need right at your doorstep!

happy days 3

Aside from the necessities, the boxes also include treats such as chocolates, teas, snacks, and even sweet surprises to pamper yourself with!

With a monthly subscription to their boxes, you can be sure to open a surprise every time!

They’ve got the Handy Box, which is the regular package that includes a custom mix of period care products plus additional treats; and the Hip and Hearty Box, which is the deluxe package that brings you comfort and care for that time of the month.

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The team has partnered with leading local and international brands for feminine care such as Softex Hello Kitty, Ladouce Tampon, Ezy Wipe, Bobbie Nail Polish, and Ph Care. And with every box filled with goodies, you actually get to save up to 50% of the total cost of the products!

happy days 2

One Starter Box starts at PHP 495, but you can get one trial box for only PHP 297!

As someone who dreads my time of the month each time, I can safely say that getting a box from Happy Days Club makes it a whole lot more bearable and, dare I say, something to look forward to.

So, go on, ladies! Treat yourself!

Happy Days Club