This Pinoy YouTuber Cooks Real Miniature Dishes That Are Edible

Have you ever heard a doctor or a friend tell you that you should eat smaller portions of your food? Well, this particular YouTuber took that to heart and understood it quite literally.

Alex’s Miniature Cooking is a YouTube channel that features exactly what the name suggests—miniature versions of cooking iconic dishes.

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Photo from Alex’s Miniature Cooking

Alex shares with that she started getting into miniature cooking in July of last year, right in the midst of the pandemic. She thought of starting a hobby to help her cope with stress and anxiety.

So, she began cooking mini versions of traditional and classic Filipino dishes and started sharing them with the world. And yes, they are definitely real and edible. These miniature dishes are approximately just an inch big, making it definitely a challenge to cook, especially since real ingredients and real miniature cooking equipment are used.

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Photo from Alex’s Miniature Cooking

Alex even shares that one of the biggest challenges in miniature cooking is having the utensils and equipment fall down constantly.

“They are so tiny that it’s hard not to accidentally knock them all down!” she says.

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Photo from Alex’s Miniature Cooking

On the Alex’s Miniature Cooking channel, there are cooking videos of ginataang bilo-bilo, pancit bihon, kare-kare, even Jollibee meals, and the iconic Mcdonald’s BTS meal! She also revealed her favorite miniature dish to cook: the mini leche flan. She followed her mom’s recipe for this miniature version, so it has a personal touch to it.

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Her miniature cooking equipment, dinnerware, and utensils were mostly from online sellers on Facebook. You can even see her vast collection of miniature items on her channel as well.

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Photo from Alex’s Miniature Cooking

The adorable miniature cooking videos on Alex’s Miniature Cooking are a delight to watch! It won’t be a surprise if you binged all of it in one sitting. How we wish we could taste those miniature dishes, too!

To her viewers, Alex says: “If you have a dream, no matter how small (literally), go for it. You’ll never know how far you’ll go. “

Check out her cute mini cooking videos on YouTube under Alex’s Miniature Cooking (

What dish would you like to see on her mini cooking channel? Share it with us!

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