This IG Store Is All About Sisig and It’s Our New Fave

By now, you probably already have a list of your favorite online food delivery stores. Of course, that’s thanks to more than a year of relying on these online businesses to get us mouthwatering food straight to our doorsteps.

Well, we’ve got a new recommendation that you’ve got to add to your list.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Roldan’s is a newly established family-owned business that offers all things sisig. If you’re someone who’s addicted to the classic sisig and you want to mix it up a bit, Roldan’s offers a variety of sisig dishes that you’ll instantly love.

Their menu is pretty straightforward. Although they don’t have the classic pork sisig, the more that they make up for it with healthier alternatives.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Their Chicken Sisig features bite-sized chunks of chicken coated in savory seasoning. Their chicken sisig is actually so filling! We love how our mouth is instantly bursting with a whole lot of flavor with just one bite of their chicken sisig.

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If you’re more of a seafood fan, their Bangus Sisig is also a must-try. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! The dish is also extremely flavorful and is the perfect match for a steaming cup of hot white rice. I know you’re also getting hungrier by the second.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Don’t eat meat? Who says you can’t enjoy the delicious flavors of sisig? Roldan’s also offers tofu sisig that’s just as savory and tasty as the classic sisig dishes!

If you want to take your love for sisig up a notch, they also have Pancit Sisig. And yes, it tastes as amazing as it sounds. Combining two classic Pinoy dishes in one is actually a genius idea. This will definitely change the way you eat pancit.

Roldan’s Pancit Sisig is a perfect dish to have at your next home celebration!

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Aside from scrumptious sisig varieties, they also offer other appetizing Pinoy dishes.

Their Pork Stuffed Tofu is so deliciously seasoned and is a great starter for any meal. They also have Pork & Tofu Humba, and Sweet & Sour Tofu.

All of their menu items are, of course, amazing to pair with a few cups of steaming white rice. If you’re thinking of indulging yourself with a great hearty Pinoy meal at home, Roldan’s is the way to go.


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