This New Hidden Wellness Place in QC is Simply Better Than the Usual Spa

Can’t wait to tell you all about this super effective wellness combo which I recently tried at Living Vibrant Colon Hydrotherapy and Wellness Center in QC.

Not many people know this, but I enjoy pampering myself with wellness treatments whenever I can. This has been a part of my routine almost every weekend. You see, I give importance to both work and rest because I know that too much work and stress won’t do me any good.

Before I’d only splurge on spa massages but when I discovered this wellness place in QC called Living Vibrant Colon Hydrotherapy and Wellness Center, I started experiencing more rejuvenating and effective results.

Here’s an example of a treatment I recently tried:

Last week, I tried out their Biomat with Activated Charcoal Wrap treatment. The Biomat is a heated mat lined with jade and tourmaline crystals that are known to emit negative ions. In case you didn’t know, negative ions are the energy charges that we get from nature. Similar to what we get when we go to the beach or climb a mountain (any activity close to nature). I call them healing energy ions since our bodies benefit from them a lot. These negative ions make us feel more focused, relaxed and it also activates our immune system.

Why should the mat be heated? According to their nurses, the purpose is to heat up your body in order to trigger your immune system and for you to sweat out harmful toxins. Your body will also be covered with activated charcoal paste to aid in absorbing toxins. The procedure lasts for 45 mins up to an hour followed by a warm bath.

Allow me to show you the step by step process I did:

  1. Nurse Amy prepared the biomat and gave me a short brief on what to expect.

  1. To further enhance the treatment, she prepared a bowl of activated charcoal paste to be applied all over my body. The activated charcoal’s purpose is to absorb body toxins.
  2. After applying the activated charcoal paste, my whole body was wrapped so I can sweat for 45mins to and hour.

3. After applying the activated charcoal paste, my whole body was wrapped so I can sweat for 45mins to an hour.

4. After sweating for an hour, I was asked to take a hot shower to remove excess charcoal.

felt super light and refreshed afterwards

After the Biomat with Activated Charcoal Treatment (cost is P1,300), I also requested for my favorite auricular Oxygen Therapy session. I’ve benefited so much with this therapy since this helped me cleanse my blood and organs by supplying my system with the purest form of oxygen (O3). It instantly cured my jetlag before and also helped me balance hormones, got rid of dysmenorrhea and parasites.

Throwback during my 1st ever Ozone Therapy experience

The price is also super affordable (only P500).  Highly recommended for everyone! Perhaps I’ll write another article dedicated to Oxygen Therapy, so I can tell you more about its amazing health benefits.

When I went to the gym after the treatment, I felt super strong! Woah! Never felt like this before <3

Anyways, after the 2 treatments, I felt super light, refreshed and relaxed. Later that day when I went to the gym, I noticed I was super strong. I can’t wait to try it out again! 

Again, the Biomat with Charcoal Wrap costs P1,300 and the auricular Ozone Therapy is at only P500.

To know more about their wellness treatments, call Nurse Amy at 0926.857.08.58 or visit

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